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December 26, 2012
I LOVE this movie!! We watch it every year as a Christmas tradition. This was the 18th year we've watched it. It's a very funny and cute movie. I wish they would play it on TV this time of year so that other people could discover it.
December 25, 2012
Entirely set in Venice Beach, LA. A Christmas film that doesn't feature snow, & it's brilliant! I've seen it a few times, and I'll watch it a few more. A Christmas comedy classic!
½ December 21, 2012
awful! it was a bad plot
December 13, 2012
One of the best underrated cult classic Christmas movies of all time!
December 12, 2012
Steve Martin plays as a guy who runs a help line called lifesavers that helps people who are depressed and troubled. He himself is depressed and stressed out because he is being evicted from the building plus he is dealing with weirdos and his whacky staff. I don't understand who would give this movie a low rating because it is so funny and it has a great cast. Among the cast is Steve Martin, Adam sander, Juliette Lewis, and liv schreiber. And they all have funny characters and have many funny parts through the movie. I don't know about you but I really enjoyed it. You will have a good time watching these nutty people. They are crazy and really funny to watch.
½ December 7, 2012
After making the hugely successful 'Sleepless in Seattle', writer/director Nora Ephron decided to remake a french film called 'Le Pre Nol est une ordure' aka 'Santa is a Bastard. I've never seen THAT film, but something tells me it might be funnier considering that it has the word Bastard in it and is referring to Santa. The basic set up of that film is sort of duplicated here with a few changes for the American audience. Ephron has had her share of hits and misses. This was one of them. Her humor here is relatively cutesy without being dark. Also it's annoying when all the characters are being played by these big named actors and are at the same time forced to be funny.

This film takes place around Christmas time with a group of Suicide preventioners who also lead lonely, desperate lives themselves. Philip and Catherine, along with Mrs. Munchnick, churn out their best life saving methods to those needing saved! It must not be doing good since their landlord is evicting them on Christmas Eve. There's a stalled elevator, a seaside strangler, a merry transvestite dance sequence, a loud mouth pregnant woman, a fruit cake, Adam Sandler with his ukulele and a series of Christmas songs that literally make you want to kill yourself.

Now this film has it's moments that are funny. The transvestite dance sequence and a few little minor moments made me chuckle, but there were toooooooooo many annoying ones. Like the elevator scene which was so stupid. I mean were the characters deaf? Could they not hear Mrs. Munchnick stuck in the elevator all that time?! REALLY?!! And there's the series of slapstick moments that were so forced, so, so forced it was sad. I think if I was around these people for a long period of time I would kill myself too.

Overall, I want to see the original instead.
November 16, 2012
One of my all time favorite Christmas movies
November 10, 2012
Worst movie I have ever seen!
November 3, 2012
September 18, 2012
I liked it. Thought it was very funny
September 4, 2012
Never could finish this movie, let alone celebrate the holidays with misery!
August 24, 2012
for me this is to Christmas what "Home For The Holidays" is to Thanksgiving. really love it! and I miss Madeline Kahn a lot...
August 14, 2012
Gee it doesn't suprise me that this movie sucks porno dick. Steve Martin was, is, and never will be funny.
July 30, 2012
A loose plot and way too much yelling make this movie not only bad, but un-enjoyable as well.
July 28, 2012
OMG I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My stomach hurts!
July 19, 2012
Christmas in LA Is Like Summer Here Anyway

I'd forgotten this was a Christmas movie, to be perfectly honest. Yes, I know. The poster is Steve Martin in a Santa hat, not to mention Anthony LaPaglia in the full Santa suit--minus the hat, presumably because Steve Martin stole it. However, when I made the choice to watch this movie, all I remembered was that it was a comedy about crazy people and about what I could handle given that we have hit high summer. (We actually even had thunderstorms tonight, albeit briefly.) I run into this problem every year, and there's really nothing I can do about it until and unless I live somewhere air conditioned. At any rate, I don't think this one will ever make anyone's list of holiday classics, which is probably why I didn't remember the Christmas angle to things. Still, I'd rather watch it than sit through [i]The Polar Express[/i] again.

Steve Martin is Philip, who runs Lifesavers, a suicide hotline. Unfortunately, Stanley Tannenbaum (Garry Shandling), their landlord, has evicted everyone from the building with the intent of turning it into luxury condos, and they have to be out by the New Year. Philip hasn't told anyone--nor has he told them that his girlfriend, Susan (Joely Fisher), dumped him for a psychiatrist. Catherine (Rita Wilson) is in love with him. Mrs. Munchnik (Madeline Kahn) is trying to get home to her dead husband's family's for the holiday, but everything goes wrong. Catherine befriended Gracie (Juliette Lewis), who is supposedly having a baby with Felix (LaPaglia), and they show up and bicker. The lonely Chris (Liev Schreiber in his first theatrical film) gets the address and comes over, too. Downstairs neighbour Louie (Adam Sandler) seems to have nothing better to do (well, Sandler's Jewish) and comes up, too. Looming through it all is the fear of the Seaside Strangler.

Oh, and there's random Jon Stewart, too. He and Parker Posey rollerblade through a few times. Now, it is a fact that Jon Stewart, while a talented comedian, is not the world's greatest actor. However, he doesn't much need to act in this movie. It is also true that he only has about a dozen movie credits, and no acting he could have done could have saved at least a couple of those movies. I hated [i]Doogal[/i] with a passion I can't even begin to describe. I haven't bothered with [i]The Faculty[/i], because why would you? But I liked [i]Death to Smoochy[/i] and even [i]Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back[/i]. I didn't think he was that good in them, but he wasn't terrible, and even people who hate the movies never seem to do so because of Jon Stewart's performance. He's just bad enough so that he never had the chance to be truly terrible. I haven't read all the negative ratings from this movie, but I can promise you that none of them cite him as one of the problems.

Okay, but I can pick out what people would cite. For one thing, the music is a combination of old holiday classics and Casio-inspired score. The holiday classics are boring to me. Mostly, they're the secular ones, and I've just never much liked secular carols. And again, the custom-written score is simply terrible. The writing also does that thing where it gets over the top just as it was getting good, as if to tease you with possibilities. This is possibly my least favourite writing, worse even than tediously bad. I don't know if this is true of the French movie on which it's based, but large amounts of the plot are completely unbelievable; the whole thing about the Seaside Strangler is unnecessary at best. I suppose it's intended to provide a wacky denouement, and certainly it's [i]a[/i] denouement, but it was not the ending I was looking for. For one thing, I'm not sure Christmas movies should advocate vigilantism!

Still, the good moments, to me, outweighed the bad, if only just barely. Liev Schreiber makes a better drag queen than you might expect. Adam Sandler was still funny at the time, and the subplot between Louie and Chris may be the best part of the movie--not, I admit, that it's saying much. Steve Martin hasn't completely sold out yet, and there are some scenes where he really shines. (He's not the dancer Christopher Walken is, but he's not bad, either.) It's a suicide hotline movie where everyone is more wacky than mentally ill, which is a little vexing, but it's also hard to make a good comedy out of serious mental illness. I'm tempted to try, but if it were written by someone mentally healthy, I don't think it would turn out at all well. So instead, we get wacky people with whimsical problems--and a drag queen with a truly awful family. But the drag queen isn't the butt of all the jokes; that's saved for a theoretically normal person. So that's something, right?
July 19, 2012
a quirky little Christmas movie from the 90's that is on late cable right now so I have it on (in July). Leiv liev Schreiber in drag! Nora Ephron directed and wrote the screenplay.
July 14, 2012
Sorry to see this movie has such low ratings. It's not Macbeth, but I thought it was hilarious.
½ June 21, 2012
HORRENDOUS. The movie itself if crap beyond description, but the ending is even worse. Manic shouting overlaid with manic music overlaid with every neat and sweet ending possible, tied up in bo-peep bows. Terrible writing - wtf were they thinking?!!
June 16, 2012
Yikes! Nothing could save this movie!
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