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September 27, 2009
This dark comedy is an interesting, fun and occasionally disturbing look into the depths of what some people will do in an attempt to find relevance and fulfillment in their lives. The performances vary in quality, but Melodie Sisk absolutely shines in the lead role of Lorraine Schultz. That is, if you can call the portrayal of a character so completely apathetic and devoid of any hint of emotion or passion, exactly ‚??shining‚??. Overall it‚??s not quite a perfect movie, but it‚??s a quite enjoyable little character piece with an unexpected ending.
June 21, 2009
I too had high hopes for this, but in it's aim to tell a story of modern disassociation it fails to connect with the audience at all - a fatal flaw. You keep seeing the characters going through what you feel, had it been better made, would have been harrowing situations, but you just sit there, like the characters, and let it wash over you without caring. Not what I expected from a film like this. Unfortunately, not even the jokes are funny. And the other elements? It just felt a little derivative. An opportunity lost.
April 21, 2009
As the first reviewer, a part of me hates to give this a bad rating but... I disliked this movie quite a bit. The premise and the promotional material had me anticipating this movie quite a bit while I was at SXSW, but it failed to meet my expectations on just about every level. It's been a few weeks now since I saw it, but the movie was outright boring. It feels as if the plot just treads water and the characters just tread water and it never really ended up anywhere. The main character is so unattached that, while it may have been played for laughs (??? I'm not sure if it was...), she cam across as unhuman instead of a bored human. You would think that the moonlighting as a dominatrix bit was chosen as an outlet for her monotonous life and thus would change her just a little bit, but it really doesn't. The hard rock music was grating during the transitions. I did, however, on the positive side, like the color palette that was used--but that's like enjoying the wrapping paper on a terrible Christmas gift, it doesn't really change much.
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