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Throughout his life, physics professor Zach Shefford (Grayson McCouch) has regarded his telekinetic gifts as a curse rather than a blessing. This sentiment is obviously not shared by ruthless Pentagon agent Raymond Addison (Louis Gossett Jr.), who recruits Shefford for a dangerous mission in which his "second sight" talents will be taxed to the utmost. It seems that, back in 1977, Addison had overseen Project Momentum, wherein dozens of telekinetics were brought together ostensibly for the purpose of benefiting mankind. But the project got out of hand when the participants' powers became too powerful and deadly, forcing Addison to kill them all. However, one of the participants, Adrian Geiger (Michael Massee), managed to escape, and is now at large, with a vast telekinetic army at his beck and call. It is Shefford's job to infiltrate Geiger's camp and finish the job that Shefford had started. Upon falling in love with fellow telekinetic Tristen (Nicki Aycox), Shefford finds that his loyalties are wavering -- and begins to suspect that the villains in this particular melodrama may in fact be the heroes, and vice versa. The made-for-cable Momentum premiered July 26, 2003, on the Sci-Fi Channel.
Rating: R
Genre: Art House & International , Drama , Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: James Seale
In Theaters: wide

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Teri Hatcher
as Jordan Ripper
Grayson McCouch
as Zach Shefford
Michael Massee
as Adrian Geiger
Carmen Argenziano
as Frank McIntyre
Daniel Dae Kim
as Agent Frears
Zach Galligan
as Director Hammond
Brad Greenquist
as Martin Elias
Bruce Jaffe
as Floor Cop #1
Sean Blakemore
as Floor Cop #2
James Sauer
as Patrolman
Mercedes Colon
as Female Swat Officer
Michael Owen
as Isla Vista Guard
Cole McKay
as Store Gunman
Jason Axinn
as Physics Student
Kurt Bryant
as Bank Guard
Adam Lieberman
as Police Officer
Michael Owen
as Isla Vista Guard
Kurt Bryant
as Bank Guard
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...aside from the out-there plot elements, virtually everything about Momentum is utterly routine.

Full Review… | January 25, 2013
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With the exception of an oddly entertaining reference to M&Ms, this movie is a complete waste of time. The acting is wooden and really not even good enough to be called TV-movie quality, and the production is just... nonexistent. Don't waste your time.

Amanda Hendsbee
Amanda Hendsbee

LOL to this quote from the Movie

The world's full of strange stuff. It all started with those blue M&M's.

Wahida K
Wahida K

Zachary Shefford (Grayson McCouch - honestly, that's his name) doesn't like to use his telekinetik powers but relents in order to foil a hold-up at his local convenience store. The store's security camera, which shows him throwing the gunman across the store without touching him, is passed to government agent Raymond Addison (Lou Gossett Jnr). Addison hires Shefford to infiltrate a gang of telekinetiks who are intent on murder and mayhem. Once Shefford gets in he discovers from group leader Adrian Grieger (Michael Massee) that Addison is actually quite underhand and is trying to eliminate the group to cover up a top-secret government project (Momentum) from the 70s. Meanwhile two FBI agents, Jordan Ripps (the lovely Teri Hatcher) and Frank McIntyre (the entertaining Carmen Argenziano) are investigating a heist on a security van which leads them to Grieger and his group. From there it's a case of, well, not much... I like these mind-based movies - "Scanners", "The First Power", "Fear" - but usually they are better when they have a plot to speak of. "Momentum" is so poorly plotted and scripted that it's hard to really accept any of the characters as credible. The lovely Alexondra Lee appears in about three scenes for what seems to be no reason at all. McCouch's character flip-flops around the place, seemingly forever packing up his office at the university he teaches at. Gossett Jnr sleepwalks through the minor role he has looking utterly bored and even too lazy to remove his hat. There's no real action, a feeble narrative and a hint at a future sequel which we could really all do without.

Graham Lacey
Graham Lacey

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