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June 29, 2012
I would rephrase the "Movie Info" section to read "A nine year old Caucasian French boy is infatuated with his teenaged Moorish friend's larger penis." Essentially, a 9 year old boy has grown up hearing his father's anti-Moorish racial slurs. However, he is friends with a 16yo Moorish boy, and becomes fascinated with the older boy's advanced adolescent development. The French & Moorish racial undertone is important because, throughout the movie, the younger boy is not exploring his sexuality, and he has no idea what a sexual encounter is. He's simply exploring life and reconcile what he's learned with what experiencing, with absolutely no clue what adolescence is, or that it will eventually even happen to him. I'd say the story is told very well in < 20 minutes.

His older friend is an almost exact juxtaposition. He is sexually active, and actively avoiding homosexual contact. He constantly reminds the younger boy that, despite the fact that he does allow the younger boy to touch his penis, it will only happen if the younger boy has money to pay for the privilege. However, when the boy does pay, it is clear that the older boy is doing it for sexual gratification. However, ultimately, the older boy is just being a male prostitute to a younger boy that (in his younger mind) is not paying for a sexual encounter. To the younger boy, he's just giving money to a good friend (that just happens to allow him to touch his penis from time to time). Ultimately, the older boy is simply taking advantage of the younger boy and, as soon as the younger boy's money runs out, the friendship is over.

If you watch it because you are looking for "interaction" between the youngster and his older friend, you will be disappointed, as it does not exist. Remember, while the movie is very much about the younger boy's infatuation with making physical contact with the older boy, we are constantly reminded that it has nothing to do with sex, per se, and the director deftly makes it about discovery instead.
½ September 29, 2008
Muito divertido. Inocente e sacana ao mesmo tempo.
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