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½ November 18, 2009
good movie, Fernando Leˇn de Aranoa great vision of common people.
November 16, 2009
Una pelicula que retrata la crisis economica llegando a los 30 y el vacio que se puede tener con una vida tan solitaria y sin los privilegios que el mismo gobierno da o quita. Bastante buena, con unas actuaciones claras y precisas. Vale mucho la pena... el cine espanol, como siempre, tiene algo que decir y algo que estrellar. Universalmente buena.
October 30, 2009
Hilarious. But either painfully slow or horrifyingly long, depending on your perspective. That aside, it's difficult to find fault with this rather charming film. Bardem is excellent in it, and the concept is understated, yet compelling. Would have rated it higher, if not for my bias against anything that relies heavily on existentialist themes.
October 26, 2009
Fuerte y conmovedor film espa├▒ol que retrata la realidad de un mundo globalizado y neoliberal, haciendo estragos en los sue├▒os, deseos y roles de los actores sociales que son excluidos del sistema al ya no ser funcionales al mismo. Javier Bardem brin ...da una magistral muestra de actuaci├│n pocas veces vista. Es una ficci├│n tan real que nos termina haciendo mucho ruido.
½ October 21, 2009
Great performances where Javier Bardem really stand out. Slow film with a simple plot, filled with great monologues and some fine scenes. Interesting characters are shown and few things are missing. Still it's a little bit boring so it don't reach a great hight on my top list.
October 4, 2009
This is a story of jaded dreams, and everlasting tomorrows. The film Los Lunes al Sol is brought together with acting mastery and a tale too timeless to forget. The main character Santa and his friends have lost their jobs at the shipyard. Unfortunately for the people of Vigo, South Korea?s cost-effective ships tore away at Spain?s ability to compete with trading nations at the peak of Globalization. This movie is a brilliant illustration of how to deal with what?s lost. For them, unemployment is simply a means to an end; A way of going through life, even when the road seems different than before. Pride and dignity is immovable and steadfast with the people at the shipyard, however they know it is their way of life to be ? forever changed by the effects of a dog eat dog system.
September 27, 2009
The life of some guys after being unemployed when the naval dock is closed. they try to live without losing hope. funny and touching. but the effect of unemployment is an underlying concept.
September 1, 2009
cea mai comica drama pe care am vazut-o
August 19, 2009
Magnifica, una peli┬şcula completa en todo el sentido de la palabra y Bardem excelente como siempre adem├ís de papasito
½ August 11, 2009
I had to watch this movie in my Spanish class. It's a dialogue based movie, literally no action, mystery or suspense. What I liked about it is the character development. You get to unravel each one slowly as the movie progresses. Javier Bardem is quite the coy unemployed ship worker, but Paulino Rubino's character is the soul of the movie. You empathize with his plague of finding a job as he is a middle aged man. The Spanish is somewhat easy to follow, but a few times I had to leave the subtitles on as I couldn't make out what was being said.
July 8, 2009
strongly recommended
July 5, 2009
Javier Bardem brilliant as always. A great tragic comedy that made me laugh from the bottom of my heart and cry my eyes out all in 1.5 hrs... I don't think this film could leave anyone indifferent.
½ May 24, 2009
Quiet tragic comedy in which Javier Bardem mastered his role as a pessimistic survivor without scruples who is willing to do about anything. Seeing it now in the midst of a recession, the film was timely-- how to live after layoffs. A mature comedy that is funny because of its realism and not because they tried too hard. At times, the thick hopelessness in the air made it hard to breathe, but despite its quiet tone, this movie is definitely worth seeing.
½ April 6, 2009
Another great performance by Javier Bardem....and a jewel of a film.
April 6, 2009
Magnificient acting, especially by Bardem, but at times the movie gets as gray and boring as the life the protagonists lead.
March 6, 2009
It's one of the best everyday life kind of Spanish films I loved. It's slow paced and might make you sad and depressed sometimes but some black humor is there.... Javier Bardem performs well indeed....
March 4, 2009
El personaje principal es completo.
March 2, 2009
Titolo italiano: I lunedi al sole
January 12, 2009
Um retrato forte e comovente. Atuacoes brilhantes.
January 4, 2009
Calisanlarin Kara Pazartesi kavramina gonderme yapan ismiyle,issizligin getirdigi problemleri zaman zaman mizah katarak anlatan guzel bir dram G├╝nesli Pazartesiler.
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