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November 9, 2018
Money Monster has no real fresh ideas in the realm of TV sensationalism or finance stagnation and it certainly flirts around with a bankrupt aftertaste despite Clooney's impishness and charisma in addition to Roberts's infectious charm and radiance
May 17, 2018
Asks us to revisit emotions we've already processed and would rather relive as comedy - something The Big Short accomplished to Oscar-winning effect.
May 1, 2018
Too beholden to the generic conventions of the contemporary action thriller and too in love with television to compete as a film.
March 21, 2018
Money Monster is a flaccid farce masquerading as an issue film. The tepid hostage drama turns out to be a manipulative whodunit that lets the real bad guys off the hook.
November 16, 2017
Money Monster isn't a great film but it will keep you on the edge of your seat.
October 14, 2017
The real crime in Money Monster is wasting all this talent on such a mediocre movie.
September 21, 2017
There is initial tension but halfway through, Foster takes a wrong turn, and what ensues is a meandering thriller disguised as social satire. What a waste of her all-star cast.
June 20, 2017
This is one of those inexplicable movies with all the right ingredients - cast, director, plot - that nonetheless goes wrong almost from the get-go.
January 3, 2017
Part of what makes Money Monster less than it should be is the non-thrilling aspect of this thriller storyline.
December 30, 2016
The yammer and righteousness defeat Clooney and even Julia Roberts, stuck at a console twitching knobs and micromanaging frowns as the producer trying to hold the show together.
December 30, 2016
Money Monster doesn't fully come alive on screen. It tries too hard to make a statement, losing sight of the people amid the politics.
December 30, 2016
We're not buying Money Monster, not even at a discount.
December 12, 2016
Money Monster flirts with thriller and satirical elements without providing enough of either, and despite the presence of appealing stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, the movie short sells character development.
October 6, 2016
It's directed by Jodie Foster, who treats the whole thing as a technical exercise... but never gives it the kind of immediacy or relevance to make it matter.
June 20, 2016
A Lumet inspired film that feels self-indulgent and full of harmless social commentary. [Full review in Spanish]
June 17, 2016
There's not much incentive for either monetary or emotional investment in this working-class revenge saga that wraps a critique of the contemporary financial system into a plot that's both far-fetched and predictable.
June 17, 2016
A mostly failed movie where only the performances stand out. [Full review in Spanish]
June 17, 2016
Formulaic and forced so the story can advance from point A to B. [Full review in Spanish]
June 8, 2016
I enjoyed Money Monster enormously, right up until it turned into one of the stupidest movies ever made.
June 4, 2016
Everything Money Monster has to say about corporate greed is true but as a film it also leaves no contrivance unturned or untouched.
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