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½ December 1, 2018
Warning spoilers !!
Although the story is a little crazy and the story unfolding a bit slow, this is capable of being one of the best comedies ever, with a very good story, good actors, good jokes, good soundtrack and a very good technical team . With hilarious scenes, like that scene in which the stairs fall, that scene where Tom Hanks fumbles the switch with wet hands and sets the kitchen on fire, or that wholly hilarious wedding scene. Highly recommend.
September 17, 2018
A good comedy film to get the laughs out of you. A chain reaction of disastrous events with a too good to be true house while dealing with a soon to be couple.
August 8, 2018
I thought that this movie was a very funny romcom. I liked that no matter what they did things in the how just kept getting worse. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long did great in this movie.
½ July 9, 2018
I would say this movie hasn't aged well, but it wasn't any good when it was new.
November 22, 2017
newlyweds buy a nightmare of a mansion in this comedy that is best appreciated when not taken seriously.
August 29, 2017
Some movies get less funny with each passing year. This one gets less funny with each passing home improvement project.
July 27, 2017
The main humor is the occasional charm from Tom Hanks' few outbursts when trying to make his chemistry with Shelley Long work, same goes from her end, while trying to reach the end of the exaggerated destructive funhouse of chaos and the outer silliness. (C+)
½ July 7, 2017
The Money Pit hits close to home for me because everything that happened in it would happen to me.
July 3, 2017
Not a classic, but enough to end the movie satisfied. It's very funny and has a decent story too.
July 2, 2017
There are a few laughs to be had... at the expense of several brain cells. T Hanks acts circles around everyone else in this mess of a movie.
June 6, 2017
Money Pit has Tom Hanks on his prime and a comedic premise and decent story. But, it repeats the same beats again and again.
April 26, 2017
A massively unbalanced, unforgivably stupid and mostly laugh-free cartoon of a movie, The Money Pit wastes the talents of its stars, giving them a handful of jokes that work and a succession of ones which don't, forcing the actors to scream and mug their way through nearly the entire runtime. I did laugh a few times, mostly in the first 25 minutes, but the slapstick wears thin very quickly, and since its completely detached from any sense of reality, much of the humour falls flat, as does its entirely undeserved attempts at sentiment, which makes for a treacly, laborious final act. If you're going to watch it, switch off after the first 25 minutes. It'll save you an hour of tooth-grinding frustration..
February 19, 2017
Another great movie with Mr. Hanks , lots of Fun to see the couple's house falling apart ! Still gotta buy this one ....
February 10, 2017
Tom Hanks and Shelly Long star in The Money Pit. Hanks and Long are Walter Fielding and Anna Crowley, a young couple that are strapped for cash, and need a place to live. Anna was staying at her ex-husband's place, but now they he is she must move out. They desperately look for a place in New York city that is in their price range, but are unable to find anything. The only option they have is an old house from an old lady an hour outside of the city. They each loan money and pay the 200,000 dollars to buy the old house. The house is valued at a million, so they wonder if there has to be a catch of some kind.

They are not in the house for more than 20 minutes when things start to go wrong. The stairs are dilapidated, the water is muddy, the electricity fuses are blown and that's only the beginning of their problems. Due to the distance and the condition of the house they are not able to get a decent contractor to help them repair the house. The stress of this puts strain on their relationship and they begin hating each other. A relationship is like a good house though, with a good foundation there is always a chance.

The Money Pit is a predictable, but enjoyable comedy. There is quite a bit of physical comedy involved as the house falls apart. This includes Hanks repeatedly trying to fix the stairs only to see them crumble them right under him. The film somewhat ignores the cost of the repairs particularly with respect to the loans they took on to buy the house. This is trivial, and you get what you expect in this early Hanks comedy. The film gets more well-rounded once it focuses away from the house woes, and the relationship between the two. The idea and foundation of trust and faith in each other that is required when things happen.

½ November 19, 2016
There are certain films that your account your life that acquires a certain halo effect as a result of the circumstances in which first watched the movie. For me an example of this would be 1986 romantic comedy, 'The Money Pit'. It was a favorite pleasure that I enjoyed with my late wife and I noticed it in my latest batch of previews I have to admit that a smile came upon my face. What has to be kept in mind while reviewing such a movie is to remain as objective as possible and attempt by the consideration of the film based on its merits and not your emotional history with it. This movie such an obligation is not difficult to fulfil. Despite some technical missteps and a number of highly predictable plot points the movie is fun to watch. The main reason for this is its stars; Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. Ms. Long had gained popularity by starring in one of the most popular sitcoms of the time, 'Cheers'. At this point in her career she was moving into movies predominantly concentrating on comedies. For Mr. Hanks this is towards the beginning of his film career after his own gender bending sitcom, 'Bosom Buddies'. At this point he was considered comedic actor after successes films including 'Splash', 'Volunteers' and 'Bachelor Party'. Even back then he possessed a natural quality in is humor that made connecting his audience appear effortless. Little did stand at that time realize that he would take that every man quality turning inward to become one of the best dramatic actors of his generation earning two Academy Awards for 'Best actor in a leading role'. This bill would also help ignite friendship and collaboration that would persist for the rest of their careers. The executive producer for this movie Steven Spielberg would go on not only to his own extraordinary career frequently create and work on projects with Mr. Hanks. For a silly little film legacy is exceptionally profound.

Many of the attributes instruction of this movie are along the lines of a classic farce; the confluence of absurd plot points and outlandish coincidences. Walter Fielding (Tom Hanks) is an attorney whose girlfriend, Anna Crowley (Shelley Long), a classical musician. They find out that Walter's father, Walter Senior (Douglass Watson) has just acquired a trophy wife, Florinda (Tetchie Agbayani), down in Rio de Janeiro. It turns out that they are fleeing jurisdiction of the United States courts Walter Senior has just invested millions of dollars of his clients. More bad news follows swiftly the very next morning they are told they have to immediately vacate the apartment they are living in. They are subletting from Anna's ex-husband, Max Beissart (Alexander Godunov), narcissistic conductor. He has just re a tour in Europe turned from and is terminated the sublet agreement. Having to find a place to live immediately Walter unfortunately turns to a rather shady friend of this was a realtor. His friend tells Him about a million-dollar property is desperate to sell quickly. Any with the owner, Estelle (Maureen Stapleton), who explained that her husband, Carlos (John van Dreelen), has been arrested by the Israelis because during World War II he was employed Adolf Hitler's pool man. Young couple should've thought that something was wrong with the brief tour of the house was done exclusively in candlelight. Estelle blamed it on the lawyers forcing her to save every penny but it does manage to keep Walter from noticing many potential red flags in the property as well as the delighting Anna finds it quite romantic. In order to afford it Walter arranges financing for one of the wealthiest clients while Anna sells back her ex-husband's property that she was awarded in the divorce. As to close on the house the place begins to fall apart, literally.

The front door fell off of its frame, the main stair case collapsed like a pile of sticks and instead of potable water flowing from the taps was a viscous brown substance while the electrical system quickly catches fire. The chimney falls in on itself while the dumbwaiter shaft is inhabited by raccoons. One of the most memorable scenes of the film, the upstairs bathroom dramatically crashes through the ceiling dramatically crashing through pieces on the floor. Walter and Anna realize that they have to have serious professional help, but unfortunately all of the reputable contractors turned down the job. Finally they are able to secure the dubious services of contractors Art (Joe Mantegna) and Brad Shirk (Carmine Caridi). They take the down payment immediately begin to rip apart what's left of the structure of the house. This leaves Adam and Walter help us all facing the end endless bureaucracy of obtaining building permits. Despite all the setbacks the Shirk brothers sure the hapless couple, "It will only take two weeks". Skip ahead four months in the work is still no closer to completion. Desperate for additional funds Anna goes back to Max to sell more of the artwork she obtained in the divorce. Reluctantly, he agrees to buy it and takes her to dinner. The next morning she wakes up in his bed and Max led to believe that they slept together despite the fact that he gentlemanly took the couch. But something this emotionally crushing hanging over the relationship Walter and Anna were soon in a state of constantly arguing.

The movie is a hybrid between the wild zaniness of a farce with the well-established react play format of a traditional romantic comedy. The situation that led Walter and Anna down the abyss of this money pit was completely improbable. From a Nazi caring for swimming pool to a man embezzling millions and running off with his much younger bride, the couple is beset by a type of 'Murphy's Dominoes'. That is a term I like that describes the conjunction of the pragmatism of Murphy's Law, "if you can go wrong, it will.", With the domino effect describing how small events can cascade into each other until the problem is out of control. The situation that Walter and Anna stumbled into is a perfect example. One thing that most schools of acting will teach is that the most difficult genre to master this comedy. Really easy to get an audience to cry, but to truly make them laugh is a true art form. Some of the best dramatic actors have come from a comedic background. While this is becoming more prevalent today than ever, 30 years ago still held true. Tom Hanks possesses a story and sense of comic timing able to pull off subtleties of humor to the wild insanity of physical comedy. One of the reasons that Mr. Hanks was able to give such poignant performances as an AIDS patient, astronauts or captain of a pirated ship is because his background in comedy allows him to tap into the very essence of the human condition. This film is notable if for nothing else than because it was at the precipice of Mr. Hanks entering into the more dramatic phase of his career. Sure it is silly. With more pratfall then premise but it is timeless in the way that it can still make me laugh 30 years after my wife and I watched it in the theater.
October 26, 2016
Hard to believe this underrated comedy is 30 years old. Hanks is perfect and Shelley Long is even better, even the extras are wonderful, including Alexander Godunov. Sure it's slapstick, but it's well made slapstick - they don't make comedies like this any more, hilarious and yet relatively profanity and drug free. It deserved better, in my opinion, and you've got to wonder how Shelley Long was affected by lackluster reviews, she didn't appear in many films afterwards.
Shane Sackman
Super Reviewer
½ October 10, 2016
Too slapstick to be a proper couple's comedy and too sappy to be a real slapstick comedy. The money pit attempts to recycle a couple of funny physical comedy skits into a movie. This might have worked as a 20 minute short, but the gag becomes routine and flat far too quickly.

The film has brief glimpses of potentially fun characters but does absolutely nothing with them. Numerous individuals in the show are stylized in outlandish outfits with absurd vehicles, seemingly with no purpose. The escalation of mayhem in the movie is also very poorly handled. They make no attempt to build towards a big choreographed scene with incremental moments of insanity. The movie starts too far and never really leaves that zone of too much. This might work with a three stooges style of film but the money pit seems insistent to side-track into weak moments of dialogue that are almost never funny. Alexander Godunov might be the one exception. It feels like potentially interesting side characters like Joe Mantegna were completely wasted and underdeveloped.

Tom Hanks does what he can with a lemon, which is ultimately not enough. The whole film is far too plagued with unlikeable dimwitted characters. The characters are all completely idiotic and clueless, yet we are supposed to care about their collapsing fortunes and interpersonal problems. If the bit is supposed to be the comedy, focus on the bit and leave out the poorly developed character interests.

A one-note comedy that has not aged particularly well.
August 21, 2016
Ok, I thought I had seen this before. I had not. Pretty good.
½ August 3, 2016
½ July 31, 2016
Too cartoony, though parts do work. C
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