The Money Pit Reviews

May 14, 2020
Films like these are much more valid than all the comedies by Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler combined. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 7, 2006
February 25, 2006
...enhanced by Hanks' increasingly hysterical and appropriately broad performance.
February 11, 2005
August 26, 2004
Slapstick comedy about the problems that come with a couple's purchase of a dilapidated suburban house.
June 20, 2004
Memorably hilarious, with ace work by the two leads.
June 5, 2004
Silly but engaging.
January 5, 2004
September 17, 2002
Sometimes having the right actors in the movie can make or break it....thankfully, Hanks and Long are good
July 26, 2002
Worth seeing just for Hanks' performance ... and very little else.