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When an American oil company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they awaken a nest. The deadly creatures begin to breed and spread, devouring everyone in their path. The only person who can stop them is treasure hunter and adventure seeker who spent his life searching for a legendary tomb, fabled to be protected by the Death Worms. He knows he must do what he can to kill the creatures, but stopping these monsters may mean destroying his life's work forever!
Action & Adventure , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy , Television
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Black Chrome Productions

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Goofy, stupid B-movie fun, if that's all you're after. Flanery & Pratt have a good opposites-attract repartee.

Doctor Strangeblog
Doctor Strangeblog

Super Reviewer

Decent, the effects weren't too bad and the characters were ok. There was some nice moments but the ending wasn't too good if memory serves me correctly. Some bad parts, but it has it's moments.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

I really find Sy-Fy to make some unintentionally funny movies. In fact, almost all of them are unintentionally funny. The ones that aren't are either quality (Which we haven't yet to get one, excluding the ones from the Maneater series) or horrible (Plenty of those). So where does that leave today's movie? Well, it leaves it in unintentionally funny.... sadly. I really tried to just like it without any hilarious moments, but my God is this thing just funny and stupid. It's another one of Sy-Fy's Original movies with a Cryptid in it, and a very interesting one. I guess you could say interesting consider the name. To get the history out of the way, the Mongolian Death Worm is a famous Cryptid from Mongolia. It's a four foot long creature that's said to resemble a "Cow's intestine". You be the judge on that description. The actual beast in the movie we'll get into later. For now, let's get into Mongolian Death Worm... I will promise not to make any beef jokes. Our plot revolves around a treasure hunter looking for a legendary treasure. It's a generic adventure movie with nothing very original. What is original is pretty much just the Mongolian Death Worm. The movie offers nothing new, and doesn't include anything outside of Sy-Fy's usual cliches. It attempts to add in some sorta depth, but it fails miserably and sadly falls flat on it's face. The rest of the movie is brisk and kinda cool, albeit cliche-ridden. I enjoy a lot of the moments where the Death Worm is on screen attacking, and a majority of the movie is decently paced. It's a big mixture of good and bad. It's hard to say which outweighs the other, but in the end, I'd say the good outweighs the bad in this case. Mostly because it's well paced for the most part. It comes to a hault when someone has to exposit about this and that. I wish that whoever was expositing would do it when the Death Worm appeared. Keep doing it buddy and get eaten up for me. The world will be a better place without you. Now as for the cliches, I tried not to notice them, but they never stopped. Wonderful, so I was swarmed with good cliches and bad cliches. I found some of them funny, and others that where abusive. For a Sy-Fy "Original", this one happens to be one of the most cliche-ridden one of them all. I haven't seen this many cliches in one Sy-Fy's movies since Minotaur, and that was quite a while ago. For some, the cliches might not be as annoying. Though there are many good and bad ones, and it's hard to state them. I mean, yeah, the whole treasure hunting going after legendary treasure (The cache of the legendary Genghis Khan...... that should be Indiana Jones going after it) is straight out of a cliche adventure movie. But lemme sum this up. The positives outweigh the negatives. Yeah, abrupt closure, but it's nothing more or less than a generic adventure movie. It just so happens they stumbled across the Mongolian Death Worm. Should I classify that as contrivance? Now onto the acting. Sean Patrick Flannery is the highlight of the acting. I got to get the good out of the way first. He is a scenery chewing and overacting masterpiece to watch. He does nearly nothing but those two things. He should be chewing the Death Worm itself, he does it so well. Now everyone else walks in the same path, but most don't chew the scenery, and a couple of the actors underact. Some of the underacting is annoying, but the rest are still hilarious to watch. The reactions are whatever the acting who, well, acts is doing. In Flannery's case, it's pretty much just be as overacting as possible while overreacting. It's as hilariously awful as it sounds, and it's awesome. Now, the underractions are even better. It's like the actors think the Mongolian Death Worm is the size of a pin. Did Sy-Fy actually stumble across the real life Death Worm and it turned out the thing was four inches instead of four feet? Well, the actors who underract are just priceless with how they do it. Guys/girls, there is this mythical four foot worm infront of you. Just pretend it's there! If it was really there, I think this would be the real reaction and not screaming for help. Aside from that, the delivery of the dialogue is just like the acting. But less entertaining. Flannery still manages to chew fifty square inches of scenary while acting as he delivery's lines, though the rest don't walk his wake. Instead, they scatter with delivering their lines while sorta flailing and being dumbasses or just delivery them and try to pretend that the Death Worm is there. To be honest though, the acting is hilariously awful, but in the greatest possible way. If you love this kind of acting from your lead star in a TV movie, then this isn't just up your alley. It's up on your front lawn. A minor, but still noteworthy, plus is the sets the movie utilizes. Mostly because the Death Worm sorta "interacts" with the environment. It crashes into pillars and sorta is able to be a worm. It doesn't come out from buildings like it was in a city or town, and it doesn't swoop out randomly in sand like it was in the desert (No, that was done in a better movie). Now, it's something I like because I know that the writers of this movie wanted a body count and a monster movie like they where writing an Anaconda movie. They wanted this to be like Anaconda 5, and I really can see that in certain scenes. So I give a lot of credit for having an "enclosed" area for a lot of the movie, and for the Death Worm to crash into pillars and for people to have to get to the treasure with a few cliche obstacles and a giant worm following. It also makes up for some of the VERY small negatives. Most of which are just the very tiny bad cliches I didn't like. Though when it comes to the score, it doesn't truly effect it. But it does help prevent a bad score, so that matters right? Well, I guess so. Now back on track, let's talk dialogue. It's bad.... really bad. But it has an ace up it's sleeve. It's hilariously bad. It was just bad enough to be funny, but it doesn't excuse the dismal character development. I give a lot of credit to the writers who where writing what must have been an annoying combonation (Monster movie and Adventure movie) of a movie, and dialogue musta been odd to mix together, but the end result is something funny. I can't take any of this seriously, it's just to silly. Most of the writing for the "intense" moments is just slapped together like it was from a bunch of Newspaper clippings. Now, some of the dialogue is way to rushed (At least it FEELS rushed). It doesn't happen at any given point, it just happens. You can excuse it because it's a Sy-Fy Original if you wish, but I can't give it any credit for a rushed-feeling when it's been having me laughing for the most part. Onto the character development. It's just awful. It feels stale, mundane, and boring. Nothing of interest comes out, and it's usually interrupted by the soon arrival of the Death Worm. Overall, the dialogue passes with flying colors. I get the odd suspicion the writers where seeing flying colors as they wrote this movie. Now talking CGI is to easy at this point. It's Sy-Fy, what do ya expect? Well, the CGI here (Along with the Maneater movie Roadkill, and many recent Sy-Fy Originals) is actually decent. Now, it's still crap, but I actually have to say it's pretty damn good. It's nice seeing the monster interact (Or rather make an illegal turn on red and crash into a pillar) with the environment around it. The monster still looks like crap... still haven't changed my opinion in a couple of sentences. The entire thing isn't there, I can tell. It's a leap from Playstation One graphics to Almost-there Playstation Two graphics. Come on Sy-Fy, I have a years worth of faith in you. They eventually made it, but as it stands with this movie, it isn't that incredible (By Sy-Fy standards of course). Now is it good or bad? As it stands, this is the movies "Get Out of Jail Free" card moment. There are other reasons why I could let this pass. It's not even unintentionally funny CGI. I guess that's a positive. Well, whatever, I spoken plenty of times about Sy-Fy Original movie CGI, let's move on from it for now. The directing isn't that bad. You can see the Death Worm in all his obvious fakeness. Isn't that great? Well, unless you detest fake CGI, you'll kill me when I get to the verdict of the movie. The action you can see, but the camera falls victim to the obvious flaw with almost Sy-Fy Original problems. It's shaky! This isn't a Michael Bay film, get a hold of that camera! Some of the movie it's nice and doesn't have a shaking problem. Whenever it's not like that, it's as shaky as any other Sy-Fy movie! Someone get a hold of that camera before someone has to walk onto set each time they start filming and cement that camera into the ground so they don't give anyone friggin' Vertigo. It's astounding watching this movie and watching the camera shake. I'm shocked that in Mothman, when the monster appeared, it didn't shake. If you want to complain it's cliche for me to scold a Sy-Fy Original for having a shaky camera, fine, but does it need to shake in this movie? This is a movie about the Mongolian Death Worm, but also a treasure hunter going after the cache of Gengis Khan.... and trying not to die at the slithers of a gigantic worm. It doesn't need to shake, simple as that. The focusing of the movie is good, and it doesn't get side tracked with anything massively annoying. For the most part, the directing is good. But the shaking is annoying as hell! The director's of these movies have to learn how to control a camera before someone faints because their TV started walking because it was trying to keep up with the damn camera. Our movies biggest problem is, of course, the characters. Annoying, unlikable, stupid, brain dead, and insane! Everything about them that I hated in the other Sy-Fy Original's is here. Oh what joy... well, for about four seconds it's joyful. But then it drops the bomb. They all just become annoying. It shows how little effort went into them. The first flaw is how little dimension there is. They are probably one and a half dimensional. Yeah, they got personality. Does it matter? No, because they are annoying! Nothing is interesting about them, they are just all generic characters from either better Sy-Fy movies or just better movies in general. I can pull better characters out of thin air (Or a Michael Bay movie). Another thing to complain about is how unlikable they are. Of everyone, the only character I wanted to remain alive was Flannery's character. The scenary chewing, overacting psycho was the best character. It's the one character in every Sy-Fy movie you want to live. Well, unless he's played by John Rhyes-Davis. In which case, he can go burn and play with Anacondas. Now, the best character isn't the Mongolian Death Worm. It's the character that Flannery plays. Yeah, I'm astonished as you are. The second best character is the Death Worm itself. I'd say the Death Worm and Flannery's character are the best characters. To be fair though, the reason I consider the monster the best character here is a mixture of the obvious "Everyone sucks, the monster has to kill them" thing, and the fact the thing has got to be one of the biggest freaks in a Sy-Fy movie ever. It's a giant worm..... that is awesome. Overall, the characters fail miserably. But Sean Patrick Flannery's character and the Death Worm should keep you entertained. Though they can't save the characters themselves. They're simply to many bad characters, and not enough good characters. I'll admit that as bad as this movie is, there's still plenty of fun to be had. But as it stands, Mongolian Death Worm is far from the leagues of Sharktopus or the Maneater movie Carny. You can watch this and by all means have fun with how terrible it is, though you're going to find yourself just wishing you'd watched Sharktopus a little after it's done. It's got plenty of positive things, but not enough to up it enough. I touched upon enough of the movies pros and cons, and frankly, that's all I'm really ever gonna touch upon. I recommend this movie once if you're willing to take a minor risk and/or if you want to laugh and then kinda feel like you wished you wasted time on another movie of Mongolian Death Worm's kind later. Other wise, this movie isn't worth your time. If you don't like any of these movie then by all means stay away from this movie. Make this a high priority movie to stay the hell away from. I score Mongolian Death Worm a 6 out of 10. I wish I could score it higher, but it doesn't feel like it deserves it. This is pretty much a poor mans version of Sand Serpents. The only difference is it isn't part of the Maneater movies.

Chris Skoufis
Chris Skoufis

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