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½ March 16, 2007
The quality of the show's slipping, but I deeply, deeply love [i]Monk[/i]. He's a mentally ill character we're actually supposed to admire, even though we're clearly intended to pity him as well.

Adrian Monk has Obsessive-Compulsive Cleanliness Disorder. No one disputes this. He has regular old Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, too. No controversy there, either. However, what they don't talk about is his clear Social Anxiety Disorder. He doesn't like people. Being outside his home causes him stress--not to the extent that it causes his agoraphobic brother, Ambrose, stress, but still. (Ambrose is the always-wonderful John Turturro.)

While the current season is not as good, it does feature my favorite episode thus far, which is currently on--"Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike." There's a garbage strike in San Francisco (go figure), and Monk totally loses it. This culminates in the funniest moment of the entire series to date.

You see, a city in mid-garbage strike is not a clean and happy city. Which means it's not a happy Monk. (He starts shipping his shrink his garbage in the mail.) Monk steals a truck from the garbage company and starts taking out the trash all by himself. For the entire city. He figures he'll steal the trucks and dump 'em in the bay. He also informs us that he's solved the case. It was obviously Alice Cooper, who killed the victim to steal his antique chair. Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine, also known as Jame Gumb from [i]Silence of the Lambs[/i]) takes him to a cleanroom, and Monk solves the case.

The thing is, I miss Sharona. She was a nurse. She'd studied mental illness. She knows that Monk can't really help some of how he's acting, though I will say he doesn't try even so much as I do. And I don't try enough. With everyone else, it's clear that they want him to just be normal all of a sudden. The only time Sharona really comes across that way is the time Monk is unsympathetic to her phobia, and she's right--that's not okay of him. He needs to, well, suck it up.

I'm not as bad off as Monk. I never will be, thank Gods. However, I like watching him [i]because[/i] I'll never be that bad off. It's soothing.
½ August 6, 2006
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[left][font=Georgia][size=3]Season 5 is currently playing and it's better than last season. It took a little doing for me to like Natalie but I liked her in that pizza place sitcom she was in with Ryan Reynolds. They tried to make Monk more neurotic (?) last season and took the repeating to an unnecessary level. The guest stars are good (Jon Favreau!!) but I have to admit I miss Sharona. She had the best Noo Yawk accent and never missed a beat. [/size][/font][font=Georgia][size=3]The seasons for summer series confuse me because [i]Monk [/i]is on in the winter but [i]Rescue Me[/i] is not. All I know is I'm watching more now than I do in the fall/winter. [/size][/font][/left]

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[left][font=Georgia][size=3]Speaking of, [i]Rescue Me[/i] is even better than last year. From Tommy and his desperately dysfunctional real family (Is there a family that is functional? Shouldn't we all be functional?) to his family of coworkers, it's hysterically funny! I laugh out loud more during this show than I do during [i]Last Comic Standing[/i]. Denis Leary and his brothers are the best thing on tv this summer. [/size][/font][/left]


[left][font=Georgia][size=3][i]Eureka[/i] is a new show on the SciFi channel. So far, it's kinda cute. US Marshall Jack Carter has an accident while driving through Eureka and winds up becoming the sheriff. Mystery ensues and quirkiness abounds. It's got a [i]Northern Exposure/ [/i]almost[i]Twin Peaks[/i] feeling to it. Sheriff Carter reminds me of Keen Eddie, too. Cute, but not too serious. Everyone has a place in the community (except Henry who does it all), everyone is brainy and Cafe Diem will prepare any meal you want at any time! What more could you want?[/size][/font][/left]
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