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½ July 16, 2017
If you liked it, check out Festen from Thomas Vinterberg.
March 2, 2017
Monsoon Wedding executes its subject matter really well with a strong script filled with many interesting themes. The performances are very good across the board and most of the characters are well realized. The film definitely lacks focus and is filled with too many characters and subplots, but it mostly managed to make use of them all with some scenes being quite emotional and powerful and the overall film being very dramatic and ultimately satisfactory.
November 19, 2016
This movie never suffers from any dull moment. Two love stories emerge from different parts of the economic spectrum.
½ November 22, 2015
One of those films I just couldn't finish. I didn't understand anything that was going on.
½ May 28, 2015
I could never see why it won an award in Venice. Probably because I could never be qualified as a judge at the Golden Lion Award.
½ August 13, 2014
My first indian movie
½ July 24, 2014
Bollywood bogans. I gave it 20 minutes. And that was too long.
July 5, 2014
[Interested: cannot find.]
½ May 21, 2014
Brilliant movie. I want to go to India..!
February 12, 2014
It makes you cry, smile, angry. It makes you really feel.
December 21, 2013
Mira Nair's best work till date-
December 18, 2013
A joyous masterpiece of great insight and profound depth exploring the fascinating dynamics of an Indian family. Never has a film felt so real, as if it's characters could actually exist in real life. Alive with heartbreaking observations of human behavior, bolstered by colorful characters, highly energetic pacing and fantastic performances, "Monsoon Wedding" is a rare Bollywood movie that hits the bullseye on every front. But what truly makes it a great film, and not merely a good one, is the intelligent meaning that it gives life itself. We're so used to coming across movies as entertainment, that we often forget that they can be so much more. In this exceptional one, we care for the characters. We relate to their troublesome situations. And though this may be hard to believe, we even end up realizing that we've been in their shoes throughout our own lives.
½ December 2, 2013
When I first started watching Monsoon Wedding to be honest I wasn't enthused; nothing at the beginning really enticed me or caught my attention, however as the film progressed and I began to emphasize with the very relatable heartaches and joys that the families faced my mind was quickly changed. When the film ended I was satisfied with my decision to review Monsoon Wedding, it was not only culturally enlightening and but entertaining as well. Wedding planning is horribly stressful, at time it's so stressful it's almost comical like in this film, I could relate to the chaos that ensued during preparations for the wedding since I was married once. When I was reviewing the film I couldn't but draw comparisons between Hinduism and Islam. In Islam men and women are not allowed the same social freedoms; the sexes were not allowed to freely converse and smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited. Marriage is an extremely important ritual in Hinduism and recently more individuals have had the ability to marry for love as long as they stayed within their caste system. It is not as common for arranged marriages like Hemant's and Aditi's to take place now, it still occurs but originally traditions stated all marriages where to be formed by the bride and grooms family. In the movie there is a song that is about presenting bracelets as a gift into marriage, I remember reading this in our text and I find it interesting that giving one a bracelet is like giving someone a ring in our culture. One thing I did not see in the movie was that in arranged marriages they also traditionally consult an astrologer to determine how well the couple will work together.
The movie begins with Aditi's father struggling to get the flowers to stay in place on the marigold gate that was used to be used during his daughter's wedding. The next part of my film is the favorite; comical hilarity ensues when Lalit and the wedding planner Dubey have a lively disagreement over the flowers and his delay via cellphone, while Lalit is on the phone Rahul backs into the driveway nearly knocking over the decorative plants and Lalit has to jump behind his car to keep him from backing up any further and inflicting more possible damage. The next scene is where you finally see Aditi and learn of her lover Vikram. Ria and Aditi have a conversation about her arranged marriage in the cab; her cousin Ria asks Aditi why she is marrying a man her parents choose for her that she barely knows and does not love. Aditi explains that she wants to be settled and will not wait for Vikram's wife to grant him a divorce. Before the engagement party is where the audience sees the servant Alice and event manager Dubey interacting, Ria finding Aliya in the closest after her shower, Rahul and Ayesha meeting; during the course of the movie you learn how intertwined Rahul, Ayesha, Ria, Aliya, Dubey and Alice are with the storyline. At the engagement party Aditi and Hemant exchange rings and both the families who have traveled from all over the world to attend the ceremony are delighted, however they look less than thrilled. Tej, Lalit's brother in law and head of the family shows up at the engagement party and Ria becomes upset when Tej touches her and kisses her forehead. The family informs Tej of Ria's plans to go to the states and Aditi sneaks away to call Vikram but his wife picks up the phone, so she hangs up. Tej informs the family that he will pay for Ria's trip and education, Ria begins to cry. It becomes clear that something has transpired between Ria and Tej given her strong emotional upset but his presence. The next morning over breakfast Aditi and x discuss how she feels about moving to America with him and being away from her family and later on that day Dubey expresses his desire to be wed to his friends. During a shopping trip Aditi tries to sneak away to call Vikram but is told by Ria that their aunts would like the Bride's approval. Alice is cleaning and while she is cleaning she begins to try on jewelry and Dubey is entranced by her and begins to watch, his friends take notice of him watching her and come to the window, upon seeing her they yell "I knew she was a thief", Alice hears them and runs away scared and upset. Dubey is enraged by his friend's actions and begins to yell at them, informing his friends that she is no thief. Ria overhears Taj talking to Aliya and is bothered by what she hears and believes she is about to come upon something given the nature of what she is hearing, this would lead one to believe that something transpired between her and Taj when she was a child. Aditi sneaks out into the night to meet up with Vikram, her ex-boyfriend and they are caught by the cops sharing a moment, after she is hassled by them she becomes ashamed and fleas in Vikram's car. Aditi tells Ria that she must tell Hemant what happened between her and Vikram, Ria tells her she must reconsider. Upon hearing her confession he becomes upset, Varun fights with Aditi's and his parents upon hearing that his father wants to send him to boarding school. The reason why Lalit wants to send him to boarding school is to toughen him up is because he doesn't approve of him wanting to cook and liking to dance, he wants him to become an educated man. Dubey's friends try to convenience Alice that they made a mistake with what they saw and how sorry they were. Aditi leaves Hemant's car crying and he feels bad and goes after her; he tells her that he appreciates her honesty and that if they were still to be married was her decision. Varun refuses to the do the dance with Ayesha because of his father's disapproval so Ayesha asks Rahul to dance and he will not despite their feelings for each other. Rahul's Mother sees this and tells him not to be a coward and to fight the battle; another man begins to dance with Ayesha so Rahul steps up, pushes him aside and dances with her. Aditi and Hemant sneak off and kiss, while Dubey is professing his love for Alice by presenting her with a heart made from marigolds. When Aditi comes back with Hemant the discussion of kissing comes up and Aliya said what's the big deal and alludes to Taj kissing her, Taj sees that her mother needs help and offers to take her for a "drive". Ria sees him taking her into the car for a drive and jumps in front it, causing him to stop. Ria yanks her out the car and begins to yell everything that happened to her as a child in order to save Aliya, Taj denies it saying that she is crazy and Ria leaves saying if telling Lalit that if he did not believe her that she did not any part of the wedding. Lalit's brother had passed when she was young so he raised her as his own daughter, Lalit goes after Ria to bring her home and come to the wedding. At the wedding she tries to deal with Taj's presence and must kneel before his feet in the family photograph, finally Lalit can no longer take it and tells him to leave. Much to my delight the movie had a happy ending filled with color, happiness and dancing. After seeing such an emotionally moving scene I was hoping the movie would end a lot happier. Much to my joy Dubey and Alice get married in a small, intimate ceremony with only Dubey's friends in attendance, Ria finds someone who cares for her and everyone including the Bride and the Groom are joyous at the wedding.
½ December 2, 2013
Stands amongst great films like Rachel Getting Married and Seduced and Abandoned that center around a wedding and introduce to us and intimate us with a beautiful diversity of characters, all of them fascinating in their own way.
November 18, 2013
One line summary: Overrated, laborious.
Not as good as Nair's 1997 film, Kama Sutra: a Tale of Love.


Families meet in Delhi for an arranged marriage between Aditi Verma (daughter of Lalit and Pimmi Verma) and Hemant Rai.

PK Dubey is the lower class, foul-mouthed, wedding arranger who is interested in the maid, Alice. Lalit is having money trouble; this translates to slow payments to PK.

Ria Verma is the unmarried cousin of Aditi, who was abused by Tej Puri when she was younger.

Aditi decides to visit her old flame one last time. That does not work out well, and reminds one of the phrase, 'get a room.' The police were quite amused. Aditi tells Hemant about this. Oh, what a mistake. He tells her that they will just fit in Houston, Texas, where he currently works. He is not amused. He decides to go through with it, and I did not see any particular believable justification for that change of heart.

At that point in the movie, I was ready to quit. Slow, boring, not engaging, no sympathetic characters, except perhaps Lalit and PK. Then it gets worse; the child molestation issue was not handled well.

Happy ending, I guess. Things turned out well for PK.


Cinematography: 7/10 Variable.

Sound: 8/10 Good most of the time.

Acting: 6/10 Cheers to Naseerruddin Shah (Lalit), Tillotama Shome (Alice), Vijay Raaz (PK). Thumbs down otherwise, particularly for the actors who played the bride and groom.

Screenplay: 6/10 Neither engaging nor believable. The story is rather good, so I would blame the direction, plus poor choices for many of the acting roles.
September 23, 2013
This movie is charming and quite a tale. The different conflicts both internal and external really give it the spice to the story. It had a few different elements such as love, suspense and comedy. I thought the lower class love story was more romantic than the higher class love story. Although I picked up on why the older cousin did not like the uncle, the revelation of the truth still captured my attention. This wedding did not depict a complete Hindu wedding, but it was close. The idea of an arranged marriage is still a very strong value today. The duration of the celebration seems the correlate as well. There was not as much fire aspect as the traditional wedding should have, but what movie doesn't change things to make it more attractive. Family is also an important aspect in a wedding. The wedding joins the two families and celebration of 3 to 5 days help them know each other better. Overall, I enjoyed this movie very much.
September 23, 2013
I watched the movie Monsoon Wedding, the movie is based on a father, Lalit Verma, who is organizing an enormous, and expensive wedding for his daughter, Aditi, he arranged a marriage with a man she has only known for a few weeks. During this time all the family comes together from all over the globe to be a part of this big wedding. There a lots of traditional ceremonys that take place before the wedding in a four day period full of arrangements, celebrations, parties and family drama. During the wedding planning Aditi ends a current affair, she ends up telling her husband to be which causes a problem between them but the marriage goes as planned. The story is set up in modern middle-class India where modern life styles and old traditions mix.
The movie has a lot to do with Hinduism, in Hinduism arranged marriages are very common for young women, even though they are not being forced to marry family plays an important role in the selection of a spouse. One of the first steps in Punjabi traditions is the chunni chandad ceremony, in this ceremony Aditi wears clothes bought by her husband to be and wears traditional jewelry from both sides of the family, next Aditi and her husband exchange rings and feed each other cake and the two families have a party. Another ceremony is the kwardhoti, where women from both sides of the families meet and decorate Aditi with henna, singing and dacing accompany the applying of this henna, the songs are traditional Punjabi wedding songs. In this ceremony no men are allowed to join until after the henna is applied. Next comes the sangeet which is a party where both sides of the family get a chance to meet each other. And finally come the marriage where Aditi wears a bright dress part of tradition given to her by her family and garlands are exchanged.
July 19, 2013
It cannot be called a true Bollywood movie, but it's a true Indian movie, rich with human elements which can be felt by any person. Tradition vs Modern ways - it's the underlying element knitting the sub-plots together.

Mira Nair's romantic dramedy 'Monsoon Wedding' has genuine likability value, filled with colour and energy. All the comedy, love, commentary on social issues, and drama are blended well with the music, dance and celebration. Mrs. Nair knows well how to delicately but gracefully deal with the human elements depicted in the movie. Declan Quinn's cinematography and Mychael Danna's score help us to be a part of the festivities.

The characters are brutally real, relateable and charming. The unsure bride-to-be who still hasn't gotten over her past relationship, the completely occupied father-of-the-bride dealing with debts and responsibilities, the bored but committed mother trying to find meaning, the usually bad-tongued wedding planner trying to find love, the unmarried cousin still in pain from her childhood molestation trauma - all these and many such characters just fill the story with brimming honesty. The actors have done a brilliant job.
July 13, 2013
A wedding drama thriller. Who knew?
June 18, 2013
The story of a traditionalist wedding in India, New Delhi. Mira Nair's film follows a conventional approach and internationally appealing structure to examine and portray the contrast between traditionalism and the realities of a modern world. The style she employs successfully draws inspiration from the Bollywood dramas, a style which adds appeal to a remarkable production.
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