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½ April 20, 2012
Monster Night was a horror-comedy for kid produced by National Lampoon's and it looked kind of interesting. Looks are of course deceiving and this movie was a bomb. I don't think kids would even like this movie. It's cheesy, the effects are awful, and the acting is so over the top that it just destroys any credibility this film may have had. There are movies without a plot, that are hard to follow, that are boring, and so forth, but this, this was just all-around terrible!
½ September 24, 2009
* (out of four)

Poor family scarfest about a boy who can't go out on Halloween because he has to babysit for a family. The house turns out to be haunted. Silly and unscary.
August 1, 2008
Yeah it's a kids movie.... Yeah it's kinda stupid.... Shut up! Stop judging me!
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