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A fun '80s adventure with a slightly scary twist, The Monster Squad offers tween-friendly horror with just enough of a kick.



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A quintet of classic movie monsters invades a small town looking for a lost amulet that will help them rule the world. A bunch of kids decide to fight back by forming the "Monster Squad."

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Robby Kiger
as Patrick
Duncan Regehr
as Count Dracula
Tom Noonan
as Frankenstein
Ashley Bank
as Phoebe, Sean's Sister
Leonardo Cimino
as Scary German Guy
Brynn Baron
as Pantry Girl
Jon Gries
as Desperate Man
Stan Shaw
as Detective Sapir
Lisa Fuller
as Patrick's Sister
Adam Carl
as Derek
David Wedel
as Army General
Jack Gwillim
as Van Helsing
Mary Albee
as Pantry Girl
Robert Lesser
as Eugene's Dad
Paul Barringer
as Squad Room Cop
Gwil Richards
as Mr. Metzger
Ernie Brown
as Night Watchman
Sonia Curtis
as Peasant Girl
Brian Kestner
as Rookie Cop
Leo Cimino
as Scary German Guy
Denver Mattson
as Beefy Cop
Diana Lewis
as TV Anchorwoman
Gary Rebstock
as TV Anchorman
David Wendel
as Army General
Bryan Kestner
as Rookie Cop
Charly Morgan
as Vampire Bride with Possom
Phil Culotta
as Driver of Coroner Van
Marianne de Camp
as Mrs. Carlsen/Cat Head
Julius LeFlore
as Squad Room Cop
Jim Stephen
as Squad Room Cop
Julie Merrill
as Pantry Girl/Vampire
as Girl in Ground Hog Day
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  • Sep 08, 2015
    Whenever I say that a review won't be long, it ends up being the exact opposite. It's a bit of a running joke, apparently, but I honestly don't think I have much to say about this film. Honestly, while I thought overall the film was fun, I think the film really kicks it into the next gear once the monsters and the kids finally meet up for the final act, which is where the film really shines. Again, the film is always fun, but there's just something about the last act of the film that really clicks for me. I just thought that the kids and the monsters doing stuff separately wasn't as interesting. I mean there's some cool moments, like when they meet Scary German Guy and the interactions between the kids themselves and Frankenstein was pretty cool. But you just wish that the there was more interaction between the kids and the monsters themselves. It would've definitely made the movie more entertaining than it was. Though, to be honest, with the film being less than 78 minutes long, not including credits, it's not like the film wastes a lot of time getting into things. The film is well cast. All the kids are pretty good. It's not like they have any depth, but there's a fun chemistry between them. I do think Frank Dekker, a man who certainly knew his horror, did a good enough job at incorporating a large variety of monsters into one film and letting them all, even if they had very little time on screen, stand out. I know I've said this a lot, but there's a certain charm about 80s horror movies that makes them fun to watch even if they're not particularly good. I think the 80s, for horror, was a far simpler and lighthearted time than the 70s was for the genre. While 70s horror clearly had its own identity, it was more bleak, realistic and exploitative, those films are clearly not as fun to watch nowadays, even if they're technically better films than 80s horror was. Though I still do think that this movie was pretty good overall. With that said, it's not really what I would call a perfect movie, but I did have a good time watching it. It's just a fun little tribute to monsters from old horror movies. It's 78 minutes long, so you can't really go wrong with this. It's good and it goes by quick. Maybe too quick, but I'm not complaining, it doesn't overstay its welcome. Definitely recommended, but it's not an enthusiastic recommendation.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Jan 08, 2015
    Pretty cheesy but enjoyably so. It's typical 80s fare, but it's really entertaining. I'd recommend this's especially perfect for Halloween!
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2014
    A very obvious attempt at recapturing what The Goonies successfully gave us, but the story is so thin it fails to stand up to the test of time, as The Goonies does. Every character is very flat, and the plot is almost complete nonsense.
    Hayden B Super Reviewer
  • Apr 22, 2013
    Fred Dekker who previously directed Night of the Creeps delivers yet another slap of original horror with The Monster Squad. Dekker crafts a fun, and entertaining picture that will surly delight the most demanding genre fan. Although not on par with Dekker's previous work, this is still an enjoyable film that has a great cast and a fun story that is entertaining from start to finish. Some people have said this was a horror comedy version of The Goonies, but I think it's quite different. The Monster Squad has its flaws, but it works well enough to keep you interested. The cast do a good job with the material, and they keep it engaging and fun despite occasionally being imperfect. This is a pretty good idea for a horror comedy, and it is among the best of the genre. Fred Dekker crafts a worthy follow up that is funny and bizarre, but constantly riveting despite its imperfections. The monsters are wicked, the effects are well done, and the characters are likeable. If you love these types of films, then you'll surely enjoy it. The story itself is what keeps you involved in the film, and the result is a fun movie that will certainly delight genre fans. I don't see why this one got so much flack as it is an original gem of a horror comedy that has plenty of memorable moments for its short run time. Sure there co0uld have been changes in a few areas, but overall this is a worthwhile film that demands to be seen if you enjoy horror comedies. Fred Dekker has made a fun and whimsical picture that delivers unique thrills. Sadly, this would be his last great movie as he would go on to helm the third part in the Robocop trilogy, which is horrible film, and Dekker would never stand behind a camera again. Who knows how many other horror gems he could have made.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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