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October 15, 2009
May 20, 2003
July 20, 2002
A serious movie made by seriously talented people, and I never quite came 'round to it.
July 12, 2002
How nice it must be to be Hank, the strong man, swooping in to be Leticia's knight-in-shining-armor. How convenient, also, that this woman happens to be as beautiful as Halle Berry.
June 14, 2002
Marc Forster's downbeat Southern drama really is a low-rent version of Carl Franklin's powerful One False Move
June 7, 2002
There is so little love in this movie - it's really depressing. It's hard to buy into the rapid transformation that Billy Bob Thornton's character makes. You either believe the chemistry between the two actors, or you don't - I didn't.
March 4, 2002
Monster's Ball tries to put a new spin on the salt and pepper romance plot. The result: a convoluted, overwrought interracial drama that oversells its message
February 8, 2002
The film is much too full of itself.
February 7, 2002
Does little more than toy with the passions of two Georgia families torn apart by violence.
February 2, 2002
Although director Marc Forster pulls decent performances from both Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry, coincidence-filled plotting, lame dialogue, and ham-fisted symbolism repeatedly undermine his best intentions.
January 22, 2002
An arty sleepwalk.
January 4, 2002
It's less than half a fine movie. The great surprise is that its actors come through in the clutch.
January 3, 2002
A catalog of human misery that even the laceratingly honest, warts-and-all sweat of Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton can't save from contrived incredulity.
December 31, 2001
It takes more than a little sex to overcome 16 tons of emotional baggage.
December 27, 2001
Might even be worth a look when it comes out on cable sometime next year. But it's not worth a trip to the arthouse.
December 26, 2001
Has everything you could want in an American independent film. It's daring, sexy and redolent with regional atmosphere. All the actors work well above their heads. Many of you will probably hate it anyway.
December 25, 2001
an Oprah-mistic movie in which people overcome a lifetime's worth of bad habits by 'opening up.'
December 25, 2001
Forster's glib presentation of interracial skin's allure feels ignorant and borderline offensive.
December 25, 2001
A maddening mess, but there's some real feeling in its madness.
December 25, 2001
Far too studied to generate much impact.
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