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October 2, 2013
Strange but impossible to not get pulled in...
½ February 28, 2013
The Yugoslav director Dusan Makavejev, were known for his controversial films about sex. Montenegro is his most bizarre creation. It's the story about the American housewife, Marilyn (Susan Anspach) who lives in Sweden with her much older husband, Martin (Erland Josephson). Their marriage is not a stable one. Marilyn is a bored housewife, with little excitement during her days. She's so bored that she tries to poison the dog, and even sets fire to the bed. One day when Marilyn and Martin are at the airport, Marilyn gets stopped by the airport security, which makes her loose her flight. She's then picked up by a group of gypsies, who takes her to a strip joint outside of town. Marilyn is enchanted by this new experience. While her husband looks everywhere for her.

Montenegro has all the reasons to be called controversial. And I'm sorry to say this, but I am actually one of those that are deeply offended by this film. It's so racist. All the gypsies are so stereotypical, like the young immigrant girl Marilyn meets at the airport, who literary says "I love to fuck foreigners". Doesn't she have a back story that can justify her being a hooker? Doesn't she have a family to support? The same can be said about Marilyn. There's no reason for her to act the way she does? And I don't believe that it's just because of boredom. Her husband didn't seemed that bad. I want to relate to her. But she's too crazy. And the ending is just too gruesome.

It's very hard for me to judge the movie otherwise. Well it is very sensual indeed, and I like that. And there's some great performances. Although I wish they could have spoken Swedish instead of English. For me it's not the same without an Erland Josephson delivering his stagecraft in Swedish. The same with Per Oscarsson, another great Swedish actor. Overall, I thought the extremely polarizing and racist stereotypes was too much for me to really appreciate the movie. Thumbs down.
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December 31, 2012
The second half is very rewarding towards the patience held in the first one since Makavejev first makes sure to drown us into boring suburban wealth in order to justify the... let's call it "bored housewife Syndrome". From there, a bizarre and intentionally unrealistic journey of sexual liberation and artistic eccentricities lies ahead, all the time us being accompanied by a camera quality and a soundtrack that stink of the good-old 80s way too much (which is certainly a good thing). Yes, I'd debate that Akerman has constructed more profound and challenging essays about the genre but Dusan will always remain Dusan!

½ September 26, 2012
Truly bizarre black comedy about a rich woman who gives up everything to shack up with a bunch of immigrants. A film unlike any other.
½ September 12, 2012
There can be something absolutely liberating about a movie that makes up its rules as it goes along. "Montenegro" is a movie like that.
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February 21, 2012
Upon hearing "Montenegro"'s thumbnail plot (essentially, "Bored Housewife Gone Wild"), I anticipated writer/director Dusan Makavejev -- creator of the insanely hedonistic "Sweet Movie" and "W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism" -- depicting all sorts of unspeakable debauchery. Given these expectations, "Montenegro" is surprisingly tame. Sure, there is a sex act in a mound of grain, a suggested three-way between unlikely partners, a shocking use of poison, a friendly man with a knife embedded in his forehead and an unforgettable burlesque dance (the girl courts a toy military tank with an "erect" vibrator attached), but otherwise? Appalling table manners are about as bad as it gets. Toss in a contraband pig carcass and a grandfather who thinks he's Buffalo Bill, if you like. Regardless, I doubt the film had any trouble avoiding an "X" rating, even though the story sounds like a classic pornography template.

Susan Anspach is Marilyn Jordan, wife of a wealthy but inattentive businessman (Ingmar Bergman stalwart Erland Josephson). Obviously frustrated with a pampered lifestyle where her biggest problem is a lynx coat's excessive shedding, she has been acting out in strange ways. When she spontaneously decides to accompany her husband on a short trip, there is an unexpected security issue and she misses the flight. Detained at the airport, she finds herself bonding with some Yugoslavian gypsies, who end up whisking her away to their odd, isolated compound. The troop's raucous celebrations are a refreshing novelty, and she releases her inhibitions. The results are alternately delightful and disturbing.

Bless his warped heart, Makavejev remains cheerfully tasteless and clumsy as a director. The story takes far too long to heat up (about 45 minutes), and the musical score is typically goofy. There are extreme facial closeups, awkward insertions of animal footage (it's, like, metaphorical) and plenty of overacted scenes (particularly in the case of Per Oscarsson's effete psychiatrist). As for time-dated content, we also get two ABBA tunes and some awful '70s perms. Still, the film's ending is so good that you'll forgive most of the earlier mishaps.
February 21, 2012
"It's a Gucci shoe. Any cow with money can buy a Gucci shoe... but this one belongs to the real lady who has a Gucci foot! There is some difference."

Funny, yet sad. Middle age does strange things to a woman and its even harder when your family is crazy too. I can't get over she tries to poison her dog tho.
½ March 22, 2011
According to IMBD trivia seconds were cut from this film to make it an R rating in the USA as opposed to an X. What scene? Was it when the stripper was doing a dance to the radio controlled tank with the dildo attached to the gun? I hope it's that scene and there's a few more seconds of that tank doing it's duty.
January 10, 2011
Black or dark comedy oddly captivating even though foriegn
½ September 5, 2010
i started it, it was really weird and i didnt like it
May 18, 2010
It's not as radical as Makavejev's earlier work but it's still weird and charming and has a brilliant ending.
½ April 13, 2010
Truly bizarre black comedy about a rich woman who gives up everything to shack up with a bunch of immigrants. A film unlike any other.
October 10, 2009
WEB. A pesar de que su propuesta ha sido tan imitada, el estilo de Makavejev se mantiene fresco y relevante. Es graciosa e inteligente en su uso de la parodia y la ironía... y exitosamente termina con un efecto devastador y contundente. / Despite the many subsequent imitations, Makavejev's style remains fresh and relevant. It is funny and intelligent in its use of parody and irony... and successfully ends with a devastating and sobering effect.
½ July 3, 2009
Makavejev's forays into more traditional storytelling carry less appeal for me than his earlier works, but MONTENEGRO still retains plenty of the weirdness of SWEET MOVIE et al., especially in its anarchic comedy and tonal disconnect.
April 5, 2009
disappointing, nice twist in the end though..
½ August 30, 2008
What a weird movie. I guess I liked how it was pointless though. I hate movies with agendas.
During, it was kind of boring sometimes, but afterward, I kind of appreciated how bizaare it was.
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May 21, 2008
Crazy, crazy, crazy lady, and based on a true story to boot.
April 4, 2008
I saw this for the first time at slightly too young an age I think. Sex is so strange in this film. Interesting though, very interesting. Can't I just say that a film is 'interesting'? Here I mean it in the fullest sense.
February 6, 2008
I saw this and remember nothing about it.
December 23, 2007
The theme tune was by Marianne Faithful, The ballad of Lucy Jordan, this was an excellent and unforgetable movie for me.
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