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April 18, 2013
An atmospheric but largely predictable thriller from Denmark. Nikolaj Lie Kaas is not a convincing lead but the rest of the production is solid.
December 9, 2011
Tense and dark, this movie is well scripted, well cast and beautifully shot. Nicholas Bro is particularly good. In spite of being over two hours in length, the strangeness and charm of this story kept me with it all the way. Lovers of 'Scandinavian Noir' will find this a very entertaining watch.
½ July 26, 2011
Predictable, a bit too slow and slightly boring. I liked the lead actors Nicolas Bro and Nikolaj Lie Kaas (allthough some of his facial expressions made me want to hit him, in the face, and hard). It was an okay movie, but I wouldn't really recommend it or watch it again.
March 12, 2011
Engrossing thriller about a man investigating the circumstances behind the death of his handicapped sister on her wedding night. Typical of Scandanavian cinema, not shy to explore uncomfortable themes.
January 13, 2011
Ninguém deveria ter que morrer sozinho.... Para Jocab a morte de sua irmã merece uma investigação mais de perto. Estranhas coicidências fazem-no acreditar que seu cunhado é, na verdade um serial killer. A irmã de Jacob, que ficou incapacitada depois de uma tentativa de suicídio, se casou com um homem que ela conheceu pela internet e foi encontrada morta na noite de seu casamento. Depois de algum tempo, Jacob começou a desconfiar das circunstâncias desta morte e a investigaçãoo leva à Vila de Murk, onde ele encontra o ex-cunhado prestes a se casar com uma mulher deficiente . Seria esse homem um serial killer?
December 4, 2010
Maybe not worth all the three points but it is Danish.... has one of my favourite danish actors in it... and has pretty pictures :) Spooky story in all...
November 28, 2010
A bit too moody and slow yet quite atmospheric. It does have many effective scenes but the story is too predictable.
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½ May 31, 2010
Beware: spoilers ahead.

I really couldn't judge this film from its background, although I hear it has one. It's hard to rate it, considering I was totally unconvinced by several points of the story. The protagonist had enough evidence to convince the cops, and being a journalist, he was articulate enough to do it. But there's something so haunting about that Nicolas Bro character that you can't take your eyes off him. You just can't. And I was genuinely scared, as if he were staring straight at me and calmly stating "we exist: this is how we are". I honestly hope I never meet anyone like that as long as I live.
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½ May 3, 2010
Besides being predictable, it is quite slow & hardly has anything worthwhile.
January 30, 2010
Reasonable thriller, not much mystery to it, everything about the bad guy screams "pedo!" from minute one and that doesn't change. There are a few moments of doubt about the outcome, and a moment where the bad guy's motives seem morally grey. Kind of naff ending.
November 9, 2009
Very good acting performances and intense settings, but you kind of knew what was about to happen in the end.
November 7, 2009
The actors gave a tacky performance and I expected more from this movie, but the idea was cool...
½ October 25, 2009
:( bad acting from nikolaj, bad ending. good directing though
½ October 12, 2009
This is, in my opinion, the greatest accomplishment in Danish cinema. I recommend this film to any fan of Danish films, thrillers and/or dramas.
½ July 31, 2009
There were things I liked about this movie - the moodiness, the two lead actors - but I can't recommend it. The main character's choices simply made no sense too much of the time, and not just in minor ways.
½ July 31, 2009
This movie held my interest from start to finish, with lots of moody atmosphere and occasional angry looks from Nikolaj Lie Kaas, who I enjoyed seeing in a leading dramatic role. My one criticism is that the movie suffers from the problem that a lot of suspense thrillers have, which is that if the protagonist had only acted a little more intelligently, things would have gone much better for everyone. Still, overall, it was worth seeing.
½ March 22, 2009
In this thriller from Denmark it is not about searching for an answer to the who-question, but rather about looking for the reasons. Interesting way of putting together a plot.
½ January 12, 2009
Rigtig god film, der varer omkring to timer, men der sker konstant noget, som gor at man er klistret til skaermen. Rigtig godt skuespil fra Nicolas Bro, som viser sit store potentiale. En absolut anbefaler! :)
January 9, 2009
En rigtig god film, hvor man hele vejen igennem er virkeligt godt underholdt, idet der hele tiden sker noget. Rigtig godt skuespil af mange af skuespillerne. Kan varmt anbefales !!
June 19, 2008
Bizarre from Denmark. One more great performance of Nicolas Bro. Also seen at Adams Apple and The Green Butchers. In the last one he turns into a meal.
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