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March 12, 2016
This film is so awful it couldn't even be considered along side "my b.p. spike" the way some trendy reboots and graphic-novel/comic-to-film. it's almost as bad as a concept called "the internet ruined my life" or people "banding together against online bullying". Speaking of subtle bullying, the industry vs Robert Picardo. Talk about being passed-over, if someone could just get this guy video-graphed and recorded by a decent team, just once in his professional career, I could breathe easier. I don't know what this guy did in a past life, but it's bloody unfair the way he's been cast in the last two decades.
February 25, 2013
Pretty bad fare. As mentioned elsewhere, the plot was taken from a classic H.G. Wells novel, "The Time Machine," including the name Morlocks, their aversion to light, and cannaballistic tendencies. At least they acknowledged that by naming the program "Project Eloi"
The secret military program, the nerdy scientist, the good guy who gives himself up to save the rest, the beautiful female scientist, the obsessed commander - this is way too trite and predictable. Special effects are pretty weak, especially for 2011.
Home alone, sick on a Wednesday mid-morning? Go ahead and watch. Unless reruns of "Alf" are on Comedy Central.
½ September 10, 2012
For a syfy original it's not all that bad. The fx are pretty crappy and don't expect good or even mediocre performances as well as a storyline that makes sense. Bt still it has some charms in it's slightly creative storyline and it's well paced enough to keep you marginally entertained.
½ September 9, 2012
An experimental time machine that opens a door to the future...A future that has mutated creatures, which happen to be a virus that turned humans into those creatures. The creatures figure out how to use the time machine to inflict chaos on the past. Definitely a "B" class movie...only for the SyFy channel. This movie and the premise was horrobly stupid. It didn't help that most of the cast were from Stargate Atlantis, a show that I liked...They must have been desperate for work after the shows cancellation, because this movie was a last resort to work kinda' thing in my opinion.
September 8, 2012
Looks like Syfy is getting better, it may still be bad and a tad boring as well as the sfx still being pretty poor. But there are signs of improvement the CGI isn't as bad, the script is acceptable and the actors are generally pretty decent.

The story is a re-imaging of 'The Time Machine'. Its drastically different and there's only bits of the plot that similar and the name 'Morlocks' name itself. The main actor ruins what is otherwise a good set of actors, with his constantly looking surprised, it's hilarious but does get irritable. The sfx are still pretty bad and the camera angels are sometimes confusing.

The Morlocks a had in the right direction slightly improved upon their other productions.
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