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Morning Glory Quotes

  • Becky Fuller: my radar for that kind of thing is so bad i mean, i dont know if a man's interesting in me until he's naked
    Becky Fuller: Look, my radar for that kind of thing is so bad. I mean, I don't know if a man's interested in me until he's naked.

  • Becky Fuller: I will have you know that this show is very important to a lot of people, including, but not limited, to me! My ass on the line here.
    Mike Pomeroy: Actually, your ass is irrelevant. You're just a footnote. It's my ass. My reputation. My integrity. [pats his buttocks with both hands]
    Mike Pomeroy: MY ASS!
    Mike Pomeroy: My ass!

  • Mike Pomeroy: I'm not saying the word fluffy!

  • Mike Pomeroy: You know what I've noticed, people only say "lighten up" when they're gonna stick their fist up your ass.

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