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November 14, 2014
So mediocre. The movie is trying so hard to make you feel something, but fails miserably. Other than Shabana Azmi, who brilliantly gets into the shoes of the character, no one else in the movie knows how to act.
August 30, 2010
saw this when i was in Southern India. over-dramatic, nearly 0 character development, this was a pretty terrible film. the Carnatic music was pretty cool though.
October 8, 2009
The story was ok. Shabana Azmi's acting was good at most times. Loved the Karnatic music in the movie.

The whole movie was predicting - I figured out what was going to happen throughout the movie after I saw the bus accident.

I'm gonna give an extra star for the music.
August 23, 2008
If not for the horrible music score, this movie would have certainly a big score..... typical indian movie style in some areas, but well packaged in all...
August 9, 2008
Horrible movie, cheesy and full of bad acting. Very avoidable.
August 2, 2008
I thought the beginning was very promising; the photography of rural India plus the mesmerizing carnatic music had a lot of potential. But only Shabana Azmi lived up to her usual high standards of acting. Everyone else was pretty bad; the 'modern' music was very low quality, and their understanding of the music world is quite flawed. As if in 2005 a professional musician will use a battery small boom box to listen to his music... it's like portraying a professional photographer succeeding with a disposable camera. The young actress had the longest roots and no acting skills. The classical music was awesome.
August 1, 2008
a single star for perizaad. :) i jus love her. the movie sucked
½ March 27, 2008
Decent movie. Beautiful second half makes up for the bad first. The music is great and the story is pretty good... the camera work is also pretty good but it just does not look as refined as it could.
½ March 12, 2008
i like this movies story andacting of all actors
February 7, 2008
Cute. The music was a little funny and outdated,and it was rather cheesy, but a fun movie.
February 3, 2008
A great movie....... with fantastic carnatic songs....
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