The Mosquito Coast Reviews

January 19, 2005
October 16, 2004
A stretch for Ford, but worth it. Unique and fascinating character study.
August 26, 2004
Examines the consequences of a father's egotism on his family.
October 4, 2003
August 27, 2003
Meandering film that doesn't really seem to know where it's going or what it is.
August 22, 2003
August 10, 2003
August 1, 2003
It's a testament to Ford's talent that we actually care what happens to him, because in a lesser actor's hands, we'd be hoping that some cannibalistic natives would eat him.
February 20, 2003
November 1, 2002
It's easy to forget how well Harrison Ford can play an unlikable character.
September 27, 2002
Harrison Ford gives one of his best performances in this underrated film.
July 26, 2002
Weird and smoothly engaging. Harrison Ford does some great (non-hero) work here.
July 26, 2002
one of the most underseen guy movies ever
July 26, 2002
January 1, 2000
long with a clever and complex performance by Harrison Ford, that ambition makes for a movie that is deeply flawed, but undeniably powerful.
January 1, 2000