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½ May 22, 2016
Mother India is the garishly flamboyant Technicolor Communist counterpoint to the Apu Trilogy. Although it is basically a Communist propaganda poster come to life, it is thoroughly engrossing and entertaining.
March 19, 2015
Long and often disjointed but also entertaining.
January 3, 2014
Undoubtedly, a magnum opus it is! I simply loved Nargis in this film, and the character she portrayed of an Indian mother is one of the most amazing piece of craft ever.
October 11, 2013
True, there are dull spots and the overripe supporting cast pale beside Nargis' 'force of nature' central performance, but overall it's a wallowy treat.
a technicolor spectacular
September 18, 2013
An epic story of hardship and single-parent struggle. It's way too long and there's too many times when little is going on to capture the imagination, but at times when the plot is moving forward there's some good moments.
½ October 2, 2012
Mehboob Khan's epic tells a dynamic presentation of post-independence, post-colonial issues of India. With stellar and memorable performances by Nargis, Raaj Kumar, and Sunil Dutt, "Mother India" is a Bollywood zeitgeist that can be looked back on as a reminder of exceptional filmmaking and the predestined strives of life - and especially those of a "mother."
July 30, 2012
If one can get past the initial incredibly depressing 45 minutes, one is in for a truly satisfying tale of family values, right vs. wrong, and nationalistic symbolism. Nargis is a powerhouse in 'Mother India,' and catapults it into the upper levels of Bollywood fame.

This is one of the better paced Hindi films I've seen --- I actually wish the last half hour of the film could have been extended and thought it felt a bit rushed. One really feels the raw emotion coming from characters and the script while managing to forgo the melodrama that carries (or plagues, depending on who you ask) most Bollywood epics. And the climax? 'Mother India's ending simply has to be seen to be believed.
July 20, 2011
the Epic story of a Lifetime of a Poor Indian Woman, and also the tale of taking Decisions. Mehboob Khan maintained the integrity of Indian Cinema, when only Songs and Dances where made hit.
½ May 20, 2011
The danger of raising a spoiled piece of crap.
½ March 25, 2011

You've never seen an epic, melodrama, musical until you've seen THIS!!!

A classic of Bollywood, this movie is crazy! Ungodly long, you feel it and it literally goes from good to bad to worse to even worse! The husband looses his hands, then commits suicide, then the flood, then "Mom, the baby isn't breathing" and so on, and so forth! IT JUST KEEPS GOING AND EVEN WHEN IT LOOKS GOOD... IT ISN'T!!!!!

OMG! Hollywood has nothing on this movie when it comes to melodrama! OMG! SO MUCH DRAMA!!!!!

It looked good and the songs were catchy, just wished they had had subtitles but you kind of got the gist of the songs! And it was really, really well acted. Hee hee hee, the kid with Sachin's mannerisms, he was annoying!

Wait... this was only 2 1/2 hours? It felt much LONGER!!!

Yeah... not much criticism here!
March 11, 2011
If there is one thing that Indian filmmakers do better than anyone else in the world, it's incorporating music and song into a films narrative. While I love American musicals, Indian films manage to make the musical numbers natural and almost elevate them to the realm of realism. Mother India does a fantastic job with its song numbers which add emotional weight to a somewhat overly melodramatic plot.

Nargis is fantastic in the lead role, filling the role with a dignity, strength and respect that is often missing in Hollywood films. The surrounding players don't carry the same weight that she does, but are none the less respectable.

It's an epic and it more than lives up to the billing. Gorgeous colour that is used to its best advantage, creating striking compositions, highlighting in particular the wonderful costumes.

While I find the end a little too over the top for me as well as the adult Birji, but that's more personal preference than a criticism of the film.
February 4, 2011
very sad shows the reality
August 9, 2010
one of the best movies ever made. i cried so much no one could ever imagine, amazing and shockingly superb performances by each actors. The most popular film in Indian history -- it's said to have been playing somewhere in the country every day since its release. A gem made in the 'Golden Age' of Indian cinema. loved it alot. outstanding.
August 7, 2010
Duniya may huma aey hain tu jeena hi paraga. This sentence is the base of the movie ..... means 1 has 2 struggle 4 his/her survival
July 5, 2010
a three-hour musical epic about one woman's cross-generational struggle to keep her family and farm together despite innumerable hardships. it's 'gone with the wind' meets 'oklahoma' (with a dash of 'mother courage') as done by bollywood. beautiful color cinematography. the acting style is mannered, yet deeply emotionally committed, and features hilariously real child performances. a classic bollywood film, though the 'apu trilogy' still ranks as my favorite.
½ June 9, 2010
A classic of Indian cinema....a lovely movie
Super Reviewer
April 22, 2010
This is good.. really good.
March 5, 2010
brilliant film. complete with the evil money lender.

its at a time and place, no fancy tricks, no fancy story, just a story. And a great one at that.

a aa e ee i ii o oo u uu

Anyone going to India should watch this movie
March 4, 2010
Excellent movie. Watch it anytime just for the cinematic excellence.
½ February 20, 2010
an amazing film, with sweeping cinematography, and a powerful performance by the films lead, Nargis. Although the melodrama is piled on thick, we definitely get a sense of the hardship India's farmers went through to eek out a living from the harsh earth. We see how the land ownership system leads to a corrupt life, and it infects Nargis's character as she goes about trying to survive, despite these obstacles. The film is not an easy watch, with such a long runtime...and it is definitely heartbreaking.
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