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March 9, 2014
ed norton is amazing can't wait
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July 11, 2010
I have read the book, and it was enthralling. Edward Norton as director, writter, and actor means something amazing will be happening.
December 11, 2009
the novel was fantastic
September 28, 2009
cant wait.... just hurry .... ';)
August 30, 2009
Edward Norton's the shit, can't wait for this shit to come out. I'm starting to think this never will, he's been putting this shit off for years now. He has to make it already, he's killing me.
June 12, 2009
how long should we wait for this till it comes out?! :S
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November 15, 2008
because it's Ed Norton =)
October 14, 2008
i really want to see this movie
October 8, 2008
Need to read the book.. but i'll like it knowing Norton will direct and star in the movie for sure
August 6, 2008
Cant wait till it comes out at the cinemas its said to be out in 2009 in NZ..
June 11, 2008
I loved the book. Jonathan Lethem is one of my favourite writers. I must see that movie! Oh, and Edward Norton is just the right guy to direct this film!!!
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April 1, 2008
Definitely wanna see!
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