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Movie 43 Quotes

  • Nathan: Is she going to die?

  • Mikey: Oh my god, your bleeding
    Mikey: Oh my god, you're bleeding.

  • Vanessa: Will you poop on me?
    Jason: What.
    Jason: What?
    Vanessa: I want you to be my first.
    Jason: To poop on you.
    Jason: To poop on you?

  • Amy: Beezel pissed all over me!

  • Mikey: Holy shit, you're covered in blood!

  • Nathan: 911, my friend's bleeding out of her vagina!

  • Coach Jackson: You're black, they're white! This ain't hockey!

  • Ellen Malloy: How's your HPV?
    Neil: It's your HPV, Veronica. I'm just carrying it.

  • Mikey: She's having her period!
    Amanda: What do I do?!
    Amanda: What do I do?
    Mikey: We're just gonna have to plug it up. I got frozen peas and a sponge!

  • Vanessa: I want you to be my first.

  • Boss: Any red flags?

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