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½ February 16, 2017
J'ai ri. Plein de malaises. Mon genre d'humour. "
As a film critic, I've seen nearly 4,000 movies over the last fifteen years. Right now, I can't think of one worse than Movie 43." Moi j'en ai une longue liste.
½ February 4, 2017
I've never thought I would see a movie worst than Jack and Jill until I saw this abomination against humanity, every thing is wrong with this movie nothing is good no seen is funny no skit made me laugh, WORST MOVIE EVER!
December 8, 2016
Occasionally funny bits can't make up for how odd the movie is. Some gross-out gags are worse than others. On Blu-ray.
½ December 2, 2016
Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. About 25 minutes in I decided I'd rather run out in the street and get run over by a bus than watch the rest of this movie.
November 27, 2016
Most of the skits are absolutely ridiculously hilarious!
½ November 20, 2016 disjointed chaotic mess
November 18, 2016
hilarious. that's all i need. my type of humor. i laughed a lot. most of the skits were so funny. some were alright. crazy how many famous actors were in this (2 viewings)
½ November 12, 2016
Last year I was hit over the head from behind with a glass bottle and kicked multiple times whilst I lay upon the ground in a mugging.

I preferred that to this movie.
½ November 5, 2016
Didn't finish it... I feel like half a star is already too much!
½ October 9, 2016
This is awful and gross. It is horrible! Even has gross humor.
October 8, 2016
As expected this was terrible. Of all the sketches only 1or2 were any good. And the great cast list just didn't get the time to show their quality.
½ September 30, 2016
Ok, I know my taste can be slightly different, but am I the only one who saw the joke in this film? I thought this was hilarious from woo to goo because of the absolute piss take that was happening. I am Australian so maybe that is all I should have written for this review. "I thought this was exceptionally bold and humourous - I am Australian"
September 20, 2016
For those who really want a good laugh. some shorts are a bit slow but its good. laughed after a long time
½ September 2, 2016
I'm sorry but i walked out in the first 40 minutes minutes and god they felt like an hour its almost impossible for such an A-list all star cinematic expert like actors to be so mistreated to what movie 43 did to them
August 30, 2016
A perfect example of a bunch of screen writers who don't give a damn about the audience, because they hate us so much!
August 30, 2016
So funny and irreverent
August 26, 2016
Just simply, plainly god awful
August 21, 2016
Sure this movie has a great cast, but nothing else is great. To be more clear, it is the opposite of great. There is absolutely nothing to laugh at or be shocked about with this movie. An unfunny comedy equals a total snoozefest, except this movie doesn't let you sleep through the torture because of all the sheer stupidity put on screen. Not only is Movie 43 an example of an awful comedy but it is also a perfect example of an awful movie in general.
August 12, 2016
I loved this movie. Some of the shorts were less funny than others, but all of them had something to offer. My favorite was the home schooled teen. I could hardly breathe during that one, I was laughing so hard. I know this movie has gotten a lot of negative reviews -- and I attribute that to an unfortunate inability to appreciate satire. This film sends up a multitude of different film-related and social scenarios, and that's what makes it funny. It's not everyone's type of humor, but I do hope that those critics who enjoyed this movie actually said so, and were not inhibited from doing so by their cohorts' negative reactions.
August 9, 2016
Simios con una camara, grabado las asquerosidades de otros simios.
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