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May 4, 2017
Mr. Magoo takes on the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge in an early television holiday movie short. I found it a little odd at times, especially with songs like "We're Despicable", which would be more suitable for a Halloween feature. "The Lord's Bright Blessing", on the other hand, is a wonderful holiday song. I still can't say that this is very good, but I enjoyed seeing it once. (First and only viewing - 12/23/2014)
December 24, 2015
Your typical "Christmas Carol" movie. Except that this one is a play in a movie. Pretty boring, and I didn't like the animation.
November 29, 2015
Mr. Magoo is amazing as Ebenezer Scrooge!
½ April 5, 2015
Very good, it's always interesting to see other versions of this classic, this one is animated AND a musical in about 45 minutes. It's interesting how true they stay to the story and how much they can keep in in that time frame.
½ December 10, 2014
A faithful abridged version for children of Charles Dickens' classic tale, the first animated Christmas story Unfortunately most of the songs are not a good addition.
½ December 22, 2013
I was a bit irritated to see any negative reviews by users. It's absolutely pathetic to say something negative about a classic Christmas movie! The review I read that got me all fired up was clearly a man child. He looks about 25, I'm 30 and even I know you don't diss a classic!
It's like saying that Santa Claus is not real and Rudolph the red nose reindeer is boring.
I recommend this beautiful classic Christmas movie to any and everyone. All families should see this at least once a holiday season.
December 22, 2013
We'll have the Lord's bright blessing in knowing we're together, knowing we're together heart in hand. we'll make the whitest Christmas the very brightest Christmas, a Christmas much more glorious than Christmas.
This movie teaches the true meaning of Christmas. Its not about receiving gifts but to give and love each other and appreciate the blessings you have. Christmas is love.
January 8, 2013
- The animation was so old school!

- Why is there a book on Marley's chain? Books should not be used as punishment.

- A few parts were funny.

- Bob Crachet looks like George Jetson.

- The songs were LONG!!

- Magoo's happy dance at the end was hilarious!

- There wasn't much of the classic Mr. Magoo humor, and I wanted more of that.

- Overall, don't waste your time. Watch something else.
November 19, 2011
It's hard to believe that Mr. Magoo would have this great classic, but it is a funny, touching, musical with great songs! The best! On "My 5 Star Family Features" & "Movies I Like To Watch Around Christmas Time" lists. DVD.
July 21, 2011
Loved Magoo as a Kid
½ December 26, 2010
The animation's stiff and the songs are, with the exception of "All Alone in the World", which is a deeply moving a memorable number, by and large extremely annoying and unneeded. That being said, it's A Christmas Carol, and it's not really all that difficult to mess up, making this a decent Christmas special.
December 24, 2010
A family Christmas tradition. I've seen this more than any other movie. And I still get choked up at certain parts, and laugh at the funny lyrics at others. Definitely worth seeing. [dvd 2010-12 --- and many times and ways before!]
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½ December 4, 2010
I didn't find this to be that engaging. First of all, Mr Magoo is one of those flat comedy characters such as Mr Bean. Even so, since this is Mr Magoo playing Scrooge in a Broadway production, he doesn't have any of his eye problems. This means it's just another adaptation of the story. Slotted into such a short time the story feels rushed. He is also shown Christmas present before the past. The songs are so dull I can't remember a single one, and I pick up songs fairly quickly. The animation is also very aged, this leads to characters that jolt around the screen. Unfortunately, the emotion and pacing is too poor to make up for its failings.
December 2, 2010
Incredible animated version of Dicken's classic holiday-morality story with the iconic cartoon-fave Mr Magoo (The beloved Jim Backus-) as a suitably-crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge. Here, the clever framing device has Magoo as an actor essaying the role of the famous miser in a Broadway play, complete with intermissions and curtain-calls. This remains extremely faithful to the source material, and even though the animation is of the calibre of UPA's typically-static style, the colorful visuals & superlative music and songs more than make up for it. Also featuring a spot-on voice cast: Jack Cassidy, Morey Amsterdam, Jane Keane (Who, as Belle, sings a beautiful song called "Winter Was Warm", which always brings me to tears, as I'm a big ole' Mush-head!)-), Royal Dano (As Jacob Marley-), and the indispensible Paul Frees.
½ November 2, 2010
If you're a kid who likes old cartoons, you'll like it. Or an adult that remembers it from childhood.
August 25, 2010
Wow!! My favorite animated interpretation of Charles Dickins' timeless classic "A Christmas Carol"
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May 27, 2010
It's good. One of the songs is hard to understand. Other than that I like it very much.
December 24, 2009
Another cartoon great takes on the role of scrooge, forgettable except for the notoriety it has gained from that episode of the Simpsons.
½ December 10, 2009
Who doesn't want the whitest Christmas with razzleberry gravy? Haha, Magoo literally brought down the house.
May 15, 2009
Pleasantly surprising. The song at the rag and bone shop is the best part.
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