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November 16, 2019
This weeks discount dandy is Mr. 3000, an amiable comedy that features a nice turn by Bernie Mac that allows it to overcome its obvious formulaic shortcomings.
March 21, 2011
There are no big surprises, but Mac and director Charles Stone III hit all the right dramatic notes, and Angela Bassett is reliably smart and sexy as Mac's love interest.
December 26, 2010
Bernie Mac carries this risqu minor league film.
August 14, 2007
This one's out of the park.
May 26, 2006
The movie may not rank in the Hall of Fame for baseball flicks, but Stone and his star do honor to the heart of the game, and provide enough comedy curve balls to stay above the fray of the encroaching clichs.
July 11, 2005
Mac gets a rare opportunity to showcase his true dramatic range as an actor.
June 21, 2005
A solid, enjoyable early Autumn baseball film, and just in time for the MLB playoffs.
February 6, 2005
October 24, 2004
A film with some real heart...
September 30, 2004
There are big laughs along the way, but it's Mr. 3000's unflinchingness in reaching feelgood payoffs that's most gripping.
September 25, 2004
This is a story about a guy who realizes that it's not what you accomplish in life that matters but the grace with which you accomplish it.
September 25, 2004
Sure, Mr. 3000 may be a mere bunt in a traditional game that fancies majestic home runs but it is nevertheless the impact of the hit that counts at the moment.
September 21, 2004
The easygoing Mr. 3000 is expertly crafted to highlight Bernie Mac's strengths.
September 21, 2004
It's a solid base hit.
September 21, 2004
This role is tailor-made for Mac and he hits this performance out of the park.
September 20, 2004
Bernic Mac really scores with this one.
September 20, 2004
A good struggle for a fun baseball comeback film!
September 20, 2004
Bernie Mac's ear to ear smile and personal charisma help him knock this one out of the park.
September 18, 2004
Mac is superb as the egomaniacal man boy finally getting his come-uppance and needing to change his game. Angela Bassett is a warm, sexy plus as a sportscaster and former love interest.
September 18, 2004
An uncompromisingly grown-up comedy that any willing adult can see in any multiplex in the country.
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