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February 19, 2013
classic yahoo serious, with some alright funny bits to break up the 'wacky stuff'.
December 12, 2012
Totally awful. Yahoo serious really has to understand that no one enjoys this sort of crap anymore.
December 5, 2011
This movie is pretty baaad! Only Yahoo Serious makes this movie possible to sit through!
January 29, 2011
A movie about an accident prone guy sounds great, the other plot doesn't.
½ September 16, 2010
gaaaaaaah my eyes

hey look at me I'm Yahoo Serious I'm the next Buster Keaton oooo

watch me get hit with stuff and try to re-do Reckless Kelly (his ONLY decent film) with this film about how I hate corporations and British people oooooo

oh and I'm Mr. Accident oooooooooo I'm accident prone and obsessed with aliens ooooooooooo

Words cannot describe how much I didn't like this film. A serious step down for Yahoo Serious, who improved with Reckless Kelly (even with a serious case of the Carrot Top blues). This is like Young Einstein for older people, but less funny.

Avant-garde my ass.
May 30, 2010
Dreadfully unfunny, this movie is an insult to Australians everywhere. Yahoo Serious's hair is annoying me.
½ October 12, 2009
It's silly but for some reason (I don't know why) I liked it and it was kinda cute
August 7, 2008
How have more people not heard of this movie?
½ March 25, 2008
A crime against humanity!
½ March 5, 2008
Pretty stupid stuff - but that's what you expect from Yahoo Serious!
February 23, 2008
Now that I have read the comments...I HAVE to see this...gotta love crappy movies!
February 9, 2008
Baffling. How did I never hear of this ? Can it really be "the worst movie that the world has ever had to suffer" ? That review just screams at me like "Wet Paint" sign. I just have to know.
January 25, 2008
Euh... c't'ordinaire.
January 4, 2008
Un peu moins bien que Reckless Kelly mais bon
½ October 22, 2007
If you've never seen this, you need to... The part where he falls down the stairs is the best
October 16, 2007
None of this is as funny as it should be, mainly because Serious hasn't learned from the great comedians, beginning with Buster Keaton, that this kind of frantic farce is best played out against a realistic background.
October 7, 2007
Why did they let him make it?
September 8, 2007
i want to see helen in it!!!!
½ August 27, 2007
This is the worst movie that the world has ever had to suffer. I saw this at the cinema and ever since I have cut myself once a day as punishment for watching it until the end. It makes Batman & Robin look like The Shawshank Redemption.

I award it no stars and may god have mercy on Yahoo Serious's soul.
½ August 7, 2007
This movie was so bad, it was good. So watch it if you've got a few drinks and some friends over, its terrible, but you'd probably get a kick out of this poorly made movie. :p
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