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June 14, 2012
i have nothing negative to say about this film.
running through the checklist:

Baseball? check
Hairy Chested Hero? check
Moustache ride reference? check
Japanese people acting stupid? check
Dennis Haysbert NOT plugging All State? CHECK

awesome film
May 28, 2012
if you like baseball movies, you'll like this one
May 28, 2012
This movie really isn't that bad at all and is perhaps Tom Selleck's greatest. I can understand how this would have been badly criticzed in 1992, but it's pretty good by current standards. What other Hollywood film is there which shows proper Japanese bathing protocol? None that I am aware of.
½ May 26, 2012
I already don't have a high tolerance for sports films, but I was even less impressed with this one than usual. It takes about three different cliched formulas, smushes them together into one movie, and then waters it down until it's completely uninteresting. Even now as I think back on it, I have to work really hard to remember the plot details. Sports movies have to be *really* good to overcome the genre handicap for me, and this one didn't even come close.
½ May 4, 2012
A competent but formulaic sports drama.
May 1, 2012
Have seen this many times since I first saw it in the theater. Still an entertaining watch.
March 16, 2012
This movie holds a special place in my heart. As movies go it's not at all good.
½ February 20, 2012
I really enjoyed this movie... In My DVD collection of baseball movies... Reminded me how great the sport truly is... Whether it's here in America or Japan.
November 11, 2011
This is a good baseball movie with a twist. I always enjoy a good "fish out of water" story.
½ June 17, 2011
"I don't believe this. What's next? Somebody going to tell me how to take a crap?"

Synopsis: Jack Elliott's baseball glory days are over, or so it seems. No longer the athlete he once was, he's traded to a pro team in Japan, where he promptly angers everyone around him with his arrogance and ignorance.

Jack is an arrogant, annoying, childish, and an ass of a man. Such a character is fine, but do not try to make me like the man by having him stress the value of fun after he makes it clear he is a 11 year old stuck in a 38 year old man's body. And don't you dare say all this selfish, childish, belligerent, and completely asinine behavior is what makes a incredibly beautiful woman attracted to him. I mean, after mistakingly assuming Hiroko wants to engage in a sexual relationship, Jack decides to shout at her and insult her country on their very first date, yet, she falls in love with him anyway, i guess japanese women have a thing for taking care of 40-year old babies. Oh yea, Tom Selleck turns in a razzie-worthy performance as well.

The rest of the writing while entertaining, is just a bunch of cliché's. The team plays poorly at first, but once our hero's attitude, SURPRISE, does a 360 degree u-turn; the japanese team turns into the New York Yankees, all the problems in Jack's love life is settled, and by the end all the characters live happily ever after.

It's a shame that the film suffers from such fundamental flaws, as it does have some quality to it. The actual directing is rather solid and the picture is well filmed, as the action on the diamond (apart from the sound design) has a rather authentic look and feel to it.

Despite a good time and solid directing, Mr. Baseball's screenplay is cliche'd and manipulative.
May 28, 2011
Nice underrated baseball movie.
November 28, 2010
It was interesting on how a player turn everything upside down in japan baseball team!
September 13, 2010
Not bad, was hoping for something better but still a descent baseball movie, with Tom Selleck doing a good performance.
½ September 5, 2010
Not one of Tom Selleck's better movies. Not being the player he once was he is traded to a Japanese pro team where he must adapt to their culture. Just nothing about this movie was good, story on or off the field.
½ August 29, 2010
as I just reviewed mr. 3000...this is the real deal...enjoyed it when I was 10 and still enjoy it today...;)) tom selleck...mustache...come on :))
August 28, 2010
I enjoyed this and I know I wouldn't if it weren't for a Tom Selleck obsession instilled in me quite young. It also has a lot of Tom Selleck nude shots if you like the fur. :P
½ July 3, 2010
Really liked the way it started and then when they brought the asian chick into and her and Tom Selleck started to like each other it started to ruin it. Tom Selleck was pretty kick ass and the only reason you would want to watch this movie.
½ June 5, 2010
for what the movie is supposed to be it's a great movie in culture of a game between two different cultures but also the movie isn't very solid with a classic movie but it is what it is and supposed to be plus I think Selleck is bad ass in everything he does
June 3, 2010
Not that bad, but not that good either. Tom Selleck and his moustache are demoted to the Japanese league after a fall from grace in the majors. This could've been a really cool story had the Japanese characters been more funny & interesting. And the film really fails to show you the differences in the styles of play between the 2 countries. Selleck carries this movie decently, but he has no supporting characters to help him. Dennis Haysbert doesn't even do movies anymore. He does All State Insurance commercials. The love story between Selleck & his managers daughter is ultra lame. This works a lot more as a fun baseball movie than a romantic comedy which is what it seems like it was trying to go for. Like I said, not bad, but it's nothing compared to stuff like Major League or even Rookie of the Year or The Sandlot for that.
May 22, 2010
Two films mixed up here. Mr. Baseball with Tom Selleck is a light rom-com about an American ball player who gets set to the Japanese leagues, where he learns how different the culture ... and the culture of the game ... is there.
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