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A dissatisfied businessman in the midst of a mid-life crisis encounters a magical bartender who shows him what might have been in this fantasy. With the bartender, the man tours the life he would have led had he won a high-school baseball game rather than striking out.


Jim Belushi
as Larry Joseph Burrows
Linda Hamilton
as Ellen Jane Burrows/Robertson
Michael Caine
as Mike/Mr. Destiny
Jon Lovitz
as Clip Metzler
Hart Bochner
as Niles Pender
Bill McCutcheon
as Leo Hansen
Rene Russo
as Cindy Jo
Jay O. Sanders
as Jackie Earle
Maury Chaykin
as Guzelman
Pat Corley
as Harry Burrows
Courteney Cox
as Jewel Jagger
Doug Barron
as Lewis Flick
Jeff Weiss
as Ludwig
Tony Longo
as Huge Guy
Andrew Stahl
as Jerry Haskins
Martin Thompson
as Guest Stilton
Osamu Sakabe
as Nakamura
Eddita Hill
as Juanita
Collin Bernsen
as Tom Robertson
William Griffis
as Maitre D'
Terry Loughlin
as Wine Steward
Jeffrey Pillars
as Truck Driver
Richie Devaney
as Young Larry
Bruce Evers
as Team Coach
Whit Edwards
as Young Jerry
Sky Berdahl
as Young Clip
Heather Lynch
as Young Ellen
James Douglas
as Mr. Ripley
Chris Stacy
as Teammate
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Audience Reviews for Mr. Destiny

  • Jul 08, 2009
    i saw this but its totslly unrememberable so therfor cant be that good.
    Lee K Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2008
    This really fun twist on "It's A Wonderful Life" finds Jim Belushi discovering what his life would have turned out like had he hit a home run in the big game 20 years ago, instead of striking out. Belushi is good as the everyman whose life isn't bad, but isn't exactly what he dreamed it would be. Michael Caine is the mysterious man who gives him the chance to live out his dream by altering reality. Belushi finds himself with a new wife, a succesful career, and all the luxuries a person could want, but finds that doesn't necessarily lead to more happiness. Linda Hamilton plays his wife, and Rene Russo plays his OTHER wife. Is one better than the other for him? Is his new job and status worth trading away the friendships he's built up in his real life? Does money buy happiness? These questions and more are what Belushi must face, and decide if the gift he's been given is any gift at all. It's a very simple message that the movie tries to tell. Life is what you make it. There's good laughs and lots of heart to keep the movie afloat. All the actors are in fine form, and it's a nice mellow movie to veg to on a lazy day.
    RJ M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 02, 2007
    Nice story concept, but it deserves to have some better actors. Not that James Belusci is terrible at what he does or anything, but he wouldn't exactly be my first choice to play the starring role of anything. The biggest gripe I have with this film, however, is not its bland cast, but the screenplay its founded upon. Whoever wrote it must have a pretty lame sense of humor, because it completely misses the mark in its attempts to be funny. The use of a voice-over narration wasn't such a bright idea either, especially with Belusci sounding as tired and lifeless as he does. With all this mind, this is one of few movies I wouldn't mind seeing a re-make of. I guess, if that were to happen, that it'd become a re-make of a re-make though, as I read somewhere that the plot for this film has mainly been derived from the oldie <i>It's A Wonderful Life</i>. Be that as it may, I'm sticking to what I said, because it's always a shame when a good story has to suffer the hands of a less-than-brilliant cast and director. It's still an okay movie though, even if I now wish that I'd spent my time on something else.
    Mike S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 01, 2007
    A what if story that was pretty funny. I wish James Belushi did more movies. Michael Caine was in this as well.
    Jason S Super Reviewer

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