Box Office Guru Preview: Jodie's Got A Gun!

Mr. Woodcock also opens this weekend.

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster returns to the big screen this weekend in the vigilante thriller The Brave One which has its sights set on an easy top spot debut. The frame's only other wide openers, the comedy Mr. Woodcock and the fantasy adventure Dragon Wars, bring with them less buzz and look to make less of a dent into the North American box office.

Gunning for her third number one hit in as many years, Foster takes a darker role starring as a woman who takes the law into her own hands after her fiancÚ is brutally beaten and killed in the Warner Bros. drama The Brave One. The R-rated film from director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire) co-stars Terrence Howard, Naveen Andrews, and Mary Steenburgen and should play to an adult audience. Cross-gender appeal is strong here so this will not play out like a chick flick or a woman-in-peril film. Foster is one of very few women in Hollywood bankable enough to open pictures consistently year after year and she tends to pick projects with commercial viability in the first place. Gone are the Nell days.

The Brave One should play to the same crowd that came out for two other September thrillers led by fortysomething white women - Foster's own Flightplan from 2005 and Julianne Moore's The Forgotten from a year earlier. Flightplan took off with $24.6M and a $7,193 average while Forgotten bowed to $21M and a $6,773 average. Brave carries a harsher R rating but that should not affect the grosses too much since most of the interest will come from those over 16 anyway. A more narrow release in 2,755 theaters will have an impact though. Marketing has been top notch and Foster has been making so many promotional appearances that you'd think her name were Hillary. Despite a bad title, The Brave One should still score a strong opening weekend in the number one spot and could gross about $22M over three days.

Jodie Foster is The Brave One.

Seann William Scott and Billy Bob Thornton compete over who has the best three names in the biz in the new comedy Mr. Woodcock. The PG-13 film finds a young man whose life is traumatized when his mother decides to marry his old nemesis, the junior high gym teacher. The New Line release does offer up some starpower from the two leads plus Susan Sarandon as the remarrying mom. Hopes are for a wide age range to take interest. But the buzz around the picture is not too strong and it is not exactly at the top of the must-see list at this moment for teens and young adults. The Thornton-Sarandon crowd will be hard to reach with Jodie and Russell out there with high profile flicks for mature adults. Crashing into over 2,200 locations, Mr. Woodcock could debut with about $6M.

Billy Bob Thornton is Mr. Woodcock.

The forces of good and evil go at it once again in the new fantasy adventure Dragon Wars from Freestyle Releasing. The PG-13 pic hopes to tear young males away from their PlayStations, but with zero starpower and a light marketing push the grosses and averages will not fly too high. After a big wave of good summer action movies targeted this demo, a series of bad ones went after young guys too in recent weeks. That leaves little space at the multiplexes. Debuting in a curiously wide 2,000 theaters, Dragon Wars could collect about $4M this weekend.

The Korean sci-fi/thriller Dragon Wars a.k.a. D-War

Audiences have been upbeat on the Russell Crowe-Christian Bale Western 3:10 to Yuma and its older skew should mean that the sophomore drop will not be too fierce. Plus competition for adult men is not very formidable. A 40% decline to $8.5M could result giving Lionsgate about $28M after ten days.

Halloween's freefall means it will be out of theaters by the time trick-or-treating begins. A 55% drop would lead to a $4M frame and a 17-day tally of $50M. Superbad should continue its strong run with a 40% dip to $3M which would boost Sony's total to $109M.

LAST YEAR: The Rock's football drama Gridiron Gang from Sony led a batch of new films with a debut of $14.4M which was good enough to clinch first place. Opening in second and playing to a more mature adult audience was The Black Dahlia with $10M for Universal. Final grosses reached $38.4M and $22.5M. Bowing poorly in third was the baseball toon Everyone's Hero with $6.1M for Fox on its way to just $14.5M. Sony's teen thriller The Covenant dropped from first to fourth with $4.8M while Paramount's The Last Kiss opened quietly in fifth with $4.6M leading to a $11.6M final.

Author: Gitesh Pandya,


Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Dragon Wars: 17%

The Brave One: 15 million.
3:10 to Yuma: 10 million.
Mr. Woodcock: 7 million.

Sep 13 - 07:15 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

I'd have to agree.

Sep 13 - 07:26 PM


John Earnhart

That poster for Mr. Woodcock is terrible. Yeah, making basketballs look like testicles was funny... when BASKETball did it almost TEN years ago. Not to mention Balls of Fury just a week or so ago. Awful. Be more creative than that!

Sep 13 - 09:26 PM


John Earnhart

That poster for Mr. Woodcock is terrible. Yeah, making basketballs look like testicles was funny... when BASKETball did it almost TEN years ago. Not to mention Balls of Fury just a week or so ago. Awful. Be more creative than that!

Sep 13 - 09:28 PM


Robert Kimberlin

Billy Bob's hairpiece could win the Oscar for worst special effect.

Sep 14 - 06:11 AM


solomon sassoon

OMG. Jodie Foster has a gun!!

That feminist ball-buster (=Jodie Foster) does NOT need any gun.

She is so cold-looking and frigtening as it is, she could just stare at the bad-guys (=men) and "waste" them with her man-hating stare.

No need for a gun for that one.

Sep 14 - 06:43 AM


joe shmo

has anyone else ever found jodi foster the LEAST bit physically attractive? for me, it's the holly hunter scenario, except that mild, southern-twangy speech impediment that foster had in silence of the lambs, ya know, where her S's sound "sh," is the way that holly hunter actually talks. Still though, neither one has EVER made extra blood divert to my bathing suit area.

Sep 14 - 07:31 AM


Robert Kimberlin


At the same time, I wouldn't kick her out on a cold night!

Sep 14 - 07:59 AM


peter liu

Jodie foster has always had a following and it is very likely she is going to be numero uno. Billy Bob Thornton is a very good actor but he is only good at supporting roles and he can not carry a film at all. D-War looks like an Asian movie starring bunch white actors who have their dialogues dubbed by people with american accents and it looks funny for all the bad reasons.

Sep 14 - 04:20 PM

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