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Mrs. Henderson Presents Quotes

  • Laura Henderson: Mr. van Damm, you are Jewish.

  • Vivian Van Damm: Anyone can have talent.

  • Vivian Van Damm: We must have British nipples
    Vivian Van Damm: We must have British nipples.

  • Laura Henderson: I'm bored with widowhood...I have to smile at everybody. I've never had to smile at everybody. In India there were always people to look down on.
    Vivian Van Damm: People are merely being sympathetic. After all, you have lost your husband.
    Laura Henderson: I didn't mislay him. It was most inconsiderate of Robert to die. What on earth am I supposed to do now?
    Vivian Van Damm: The first rule of widowhood, my dear. Important conversations occur at lunch.

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