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California McKinney (John Furlong) is hitchhiking to the state he was named for after serving a five-year sentence for manslaughter. He runs out of money in Spooner, MO, and finds work at a farm run by Lute Wade (Stuart Lancaster) and his niece, Hannah Brenshaw (Antoinette Christiani). All Calif wants is to do is work quietly until he can save enough money to keep on moving, but Hannah's drunken husband, Sidney (Hal Hopper), takes it upon himself to verbally and physically abuse him, as he does his own wife and any one else who crosses his path. Sidney spends most of his time drinking corn liquor at the local whorehouse and bragging about his plans to sell the farm after the sickly Uncle Lute dies. However, the goodhearted Calif and the long-suffering Hannah are falling in love, and Lute arranges his will so that Sidney can't lay claim to the estate after his death. The desperate Sidney plots with the local preacher (Franklin Bolger) to exploit the small town's gossipy nature with lies about Hannah's virtue, though his conniving is undone when he commits an insane, jealous crime and finds himself the target of a bloodthirsty vigilante group.


Hal Hopper
as Sidney Brenshaw
John Furlong
as Calif McKinney
Antoinette Christiani
as Hannah Brenshaw
Lorna Maitland
as Clara Belle
Mickey Fox
as Thurmond Pate
Russ Meyer
as Man in Lynching Crowd
Princess Livingston
as Maggie Marie
Nick Wolcuff
as Sheriff
Frank Bolger
as Brother Hanson
Lee Ballard
as Sister Hanson
Mickey Foxx
as Thurmond Pate
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Full Review… | September 25, 2009

Meyer proves he's a square at heart, that he prefers big breasts over good acting and makes undemanding B films.

Full Review… | October 29, 2006
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This is not a typical Russ Myer's sex farce. There's some nudity and simulated rape. There's an actual story in this movie. It's centered around a counry madame with two daughters with low cut dresses and is said to brew moonshine wiskey. A drifter comes across the women and who send him to a local farm with an abusive husband and a sick old man and his niece who is married to the abusive husband. The bad guy spends more time partying with the women and drinking the moonshine than he spends at home. It was made in the mid 1960's before the current rating system was adopted. It's in black and white because color was expensive in the 1960's and this is a very low budget movie. The story is set in the early 1930's during the depression and the end of the prohibition era. It's a rual setting and is filmed in old abandoned farm houses. In the 1960's there were still a lot of old abandoned houses in the rual parts of the country that had been abandoned in the 1930's through 1950's. The actors are Russ Myer's stock players. The strange part of the movie is Myer's take on religion. The preacher charater is a true holy roller that may have been in place in the 1800's but is not a 20th century minister. He's dressed in 19th century clothes and talks a lot of jibberish in a 19th century style but he never actually quotes any Bible verses. Myer's liked to use religious charaters to turn his movies into morality plays. That's after he has his evil character's engage in all sorts of deviant behavior. In this case he has the bad guy abuse his wife and then has him rape and murder the preacher's sister. He then kills the off the deviant charaters at the end of the movie, in this case the rapist/murderer is hung by a lynch mob and the crazy preacher who leads the lynch mob is shot by the town sheriff.

Donald White
Donald White

Being a Russ Meyer movie, Mudhoney full of extreme, over-the-top characters and craziness. And big boobs. As easy as it is to dismiss this movie as a sleazy excuse to see stacked women naked, there actually is a story lurking around. Sure, you've probably heard it before dozens of times but still. The finale is pretty great and even if Meyer didn't include the obvious... assets, Mudhoney would still make a great B-movie.

Michael Gildea
Michael Gildea

Super Reviewer


While director Russ Meyer isn't perhaps the first film maker you'd go to for a morality tale, his work has an interesting take on the struggle between good and evil, often within the same character. The theme is how one man's evil can bring a whole community down to his level. Not content with having one buxom blonde in his film, Meyer added the two sexually available sisters who wear low cut dresses open to the navel. Their purpose is pure titillation, as they don't advance the story any, and simply provide temptation for the male members of the cast, so an extra half-star for that. Photobucket

El Hombre Invisible
El Hombre Invisible

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