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August 23, 2017
Multiplicity is more concerned with its special effects of multiple characters than any satisfying conclusion to its provocative premise.
September 7, 2011
Top Critic
April 12, 2002
February 14, 2001
More Kafkaesque than comedic, more fascinating to watch than out-and-out funny.
January 1, 2000
Multiplicity cheats itself by not letting its imagination run as wild as its star.
January 1, 2000
The comedy itself, however, is uneven and, more often than not, obvious.
March 29, 2011
Some sexy stuff in dated, but entertaining '80s comedy.
October 9, 2005
A desperately unfunny comedy lethargically directed by Harold Ramis, and boringly acted by Michael Keaton.
July 26, 2005
December 28, 2004
Try not to double or triple-up laughing. (published 7-19-96)
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