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½ September 16, 2012
Entertaining for it's ilk.
January 25, 2012
The makers behind "The Mummy's Kiss: Second Dynasty" obviously wanted to be something more than just another softcore, Cinemax knock off. There's actually a story here. In fact, there's too much story which is going to greatly disappoint everyone who just wanted to see another late night skin flick.
There's still plenty of sex here, but it's very plot heavy and more gruesome that we're used to from this type of stuff. The filmmakers needlessly hired John Carl Buechler to do the make-up for a film where nobody watching it cares about the make-up or special effects. The sex scenes are all of the girl-on-girl variety, which I certainly have no problems with, but most of the scenes are typical of the type and not very daring. The girls themselves are definitely attractive enough, but obviously heavy on the plastic surgery which is distracting and takes away a lot from the fun. For example witness the first scene here with the blonde-on-blonde action where their breasts barely move and everything seems disproportionate.
In fact, the only bright spot in the film is star Christine Nguyen who is unbelievably hot and yet very funny and down to earth. She's in a lot of these movies, but you almost want to see her break free of them. She just seems like a nice person and that she should be above all of this, and this film criminally underuses her. She's only in one of the simulated sex scenes, and much like all of the others, it's a let down.
"The Mummy's Kiss: Second Dynasty" is a movie that will please no one. Not enough sex for the Cinemax crowd, and not enough horror for those fans. It's barely a movie at all.
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