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½ January 2, 2018
This movie was beautifully made, but was completely undone and destroyed by its script. If they would take out about 90% of the dialogue from every character, this movie would have been one of the most wonderful and beautiful ever made. But the script violates the whole SHOW don't TELL rule as everything anyone says is pure exposition. It is clear the makers of this film did not trust the audience to be curious and wonder at it, but rather spoon fed literally EVERYTHING.
December 23, 2017
Es una pelicula muy diferente a otras, aunque la trama puede ser predesible, los personajes son muy fantasticos, es muy entretenida
November 30, 2017
What a very nice and epic and cute movie! Both of the three main characters Mune and Glim are a very great creation. The plot is very positive and touching, many of the characters' doings such as Mune's doings and the way of the defeat of the antagonist, all of the above is really positive, seems like the film is trying to teach us being positive and kind and compassionate, especially the notion of learning to forgive people, it's great and instructive, and as for the touching? The love romance of Mune and Glim, especially the dreams scene and the end's their reunion after Glim's resurrection, how touching it is! It's really a wonderful movie! Maybe it's because of the film is from France, not the US, so it's not very famous and famed among the international society, that's actually what a pity! The film is worthy of a greater fame and being well-known among the international society as equal as other animation movies.
November 12, 2017
This movie was so good! I loved it!!!!! I ship Glim and Mune!!!
April 15, 2017
Cool world and gorgeous design.
April 1, 2017
An appealing and visually creative little gem, if not cliched and cheesy at times.
March 3, 2017
Its awesome ????????
December 4, 2016
Two worlds within a world, fighting the darkness.

France is only next to the Hollywood when it comes to the 3D animation. Not sufficient films were made in this format, but still the quality and creativity are laudable. When I saw one of this film's poster, not just for me, but anybody would think of the Na'vi from 'Avatar'. That's a misconception, only until you watch this film. Because it was totally different and awesome. Directed by two not very well known filmmakers, but their firsthand experience prior to this might have helped them for this project.

Like in any animation films, this tale takes place in a fictional world. The story of legends of the guardians of the sun and moon. Both of those heavenly bodies were created and guarded by ancestors for generations of the two races to keep the planet in peace and harmony. A youngster named Mune, from the night world was accidentally chosen as the keeper of the moon during the ceremony to hand over the guardianship. While it was a successful in power transfer on the day world to another youngster, Sohone.

The two youngsters eager to dedicate their lives to keep the order of the ancient practice. On his first day of duty, Mune messes up everything, followed by Necross, from the darkness who hidden underground for the centuries tries to bring chaos. Now, a girl who lives on the border of the day and the night joins those two to a quest to retrieve what is lost. Facing a tough challenge by an evil opponent, these three has to do impossibles. Meanwhile, it is an opportunity for them to prove themselves to their capabilities.

The creativity was brilliant. Those characters, settings, story and its developments, so genuinely done. Not just Disney or Pixar, totally Hollywood got a close competition here. Quality films like this, 'The Little Prince' and 'Asterix', can help to grow French animation industry faster and to the standards. Especially this film was short and sweet. Despite a beautiful imaginary world, the storyline was pretty much clichd, like the same old formula applied to a bunch of new characters.

"What? You think adventure is to fly a unicorn! And to go with the elves? Bad news! We do not live in a fairy tale."

I mean like any fantasy film, there's always something bad happens in the opening and the remaining is trying to resolve it, which are mostly a lifetime journey for them. We know that as an outline, but not in the pictures, so that's why we watch it. There's also nothing wrong in that, but how smartly the film narrates its story remain pivotal to calculate its success and according to me it fared so well. I hope you would think it that way as well after watching it.

Very much a kids film, but I don't see a reason why grown ups should avoid it. In fact, this kind of stories are created by the adults with their imagination and that is not easily done work. You can compare it to our real world. Like how different races can live together peacefully. Besides, between two worlds, there's also a thin world exist that separates these two worlds, as well as unifies. As much you enjoy watching it, you will admire what they are doing and for why. Such an inspiration, particularly for the children.

The parts of the film were comparable with other popular animations around the world, but not entirely, only the small portions. Maybe because of creative common, but I think the writers had done an incredible job with the screenplay, especially when there's no original source like perhaps a book. I watched it a little late, but the point is I did not miss it. I laid my eyes on it a very long ago, but could not get the right time till now.

It's a great relief, moreover, I loved it. Well composed music, the background score was perfectly matched with the visuals which so colourful and attractive. The film also won a couple of international awards. I hope they make a sequel for this. Usual that does not happen in French animation, also the box office result is not in its favour. I think it is slightly an under-appreciated, but definitely an under-recognised film. So it needs your support, if you're an animation fan, you should try it. It was just like another Hollywood film, but was in the French Language. I say go for it!

November 30, 2016
Cute main character, nice visuals, okay story
November 21, 2016
Pros: Cool visuals and character designs, amazing 2D animated sequences, pretty interesting plot.

Cons: Obligatory shoehorned-in romance subplot, unfunny comic relief side characters, the main character is a pretty generic Nice Guy, and the female love interest has the stock Disney heroine personality, AKA Spunky Rebellious Girl Who Wants To Have Adventures Despite Her Well-Meaning Single Father's Protests(TM).

This movie does well in all the areas where it's not trying too hard to be Disney.
November 21, 2016
The best animated movie since The Lion King.
November 21, 2016
Absolutely stunning animation. That is what the film does the best at, showing us the beauty of the setting, the character designs, anything that's just animated. It's absolutely perfect. The story, a descent original idea. The only criticism I have to say about this are the dialogues. Like, they're not horrible or anything, but, they just get really odd. And I watched both the original French and English dub and just sound really alike. Other animated films like Cars and The Good Dinosaur are pretty similar to this. They have excellently well done animation, but their stories and dialogues are just pretty expected.
Of course, not a terrible film.
The animation is just what sets it apart.
November 21, 2016
Highly imaginative tale; story-wise as well in environments and characters design. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning because of the scientific and religious believes distortion which was going on but ultimately it wrapped everything nicely together. Those misconceptions introduced in the movie could actually easily be clarified by adults for the younger viewers.
½ November 21, 2016
Wow. This little film rocked. I saw the english version, but still it was fantastique..
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