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February 2, 2016
This movie is not just lost of Laughs.
January 31, 2016
A potboiler of "A Gangster with a Good Heart" playing on your sense of humanity.
February 2, 2014
lage raho bhai what a movie ,mind blowing
½ May 15, 2013
This is my first experience with a modern Bollywood film, and it sets a good first impression. I think its very high rating at 8.2 in IMDB is exaggerated though.

It's a feel-good comedy/drama which touches some ethical questions concerning doctors' professional ethics and euthanasia. It also questions some Indian traditions - e.g. the high social status of doctors, anonymous marriage.

The film has some Indian music in it, though can't be exactly described as an (Indian) musical film. And I don't like its music (like any other Indian music I've listened so far).
December 7, 2012
Want to see it! Will have to take into account!
½ October 27, 2012
A witty movie, which never takes itself too seriously, but delivers a simple yet important message rightaway!
May 3, 2012
A good movie overall and a different take from Indian cinema. The characters Circuit and Munna, are reportedly sought after by Hollywood biggies, to bring them as comic characters; such is the popularity of the simple to go easy characters, when they stumble upon a situation serious enough to be sorted out, in their own way. Watch this, to go for their second outing, with Gandhi!!:) Rajkumar Hirani movies rock ! :)
April 9, 2012
Don't remember it fully given that's its been a while, but I do remember it was really funny, and very heartwarming.
February 4, 2012
Perfect comic timing!!
December 17, 2011
interestingly original and already a bollywood classic proves to be a path-breaker for Sanjay and Arshad. Quality cinema.
½ September 19, 2011
One of the best Bollywood movies ever made.. Very realisitic movie and great performance by Sanjay Dutt and Arshad!
August 16, 2011
Perfect in every way,out of all the Rajkumar Hirani including 3 Idiots Munnabhai is the best
½ June 11, 2011
You need to appreciate the 'Masala style' of Bollywood movie making to be able to enjoy this less sappy remake of Patch Adams. If you do, you'll like this 2.5 hour extravaganza. It has all the necessary ingredients: comedy, drama, romance, grandiose emotions and catchy song & dance numbers. Sanjay Dutt does a great job in the lead role - I'm sure that Shahrukh Khan (the original choice) wouldn't have played the goon as convincingly.
April 11, 2011
A gangster sets out to fulfill his father's dream of becoming a doctor.

unbelievably good. i loved it, i laughed so hard, i cried alot. this what i am talking about.
February 26, 2011
I love Munna & Circuit even 100 times but unfortunately this is another hollywood copied movie from Robin William's Patch Adams, in which a medical student proves that laugh is a form of medicine, and the character is inspired from Ali-G.
½ February 2, 2011
dialouges of circuits made the movie special
January 1, 2011
For all the hype that surrounded it, this was a below average movie.
½ December 25, 2010
Raj Kumar Hirani s best ........

simple story with beautiful characters and loads of humour... Sanjay Dutt rocks! great screen play, even the music is light.. Arsha Warsi is amazing, along with gracy singh....
½ December 24, 2010
The first Bollywood movie that I ever saw. I wish someone had informed me that it was going to be the length of 5 movies so I could have planned to take the day off xD
November 10, 2010
Hilarious all time movie.
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