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Muppets Most Wanted Quotes

  • Dominic aka Number Two: The world capital of comedy...Berlin, Germany.

  • Animal: Bad frog, Bad frog!

  • Constantine: My name first, then space bar, space bar, space bar, your name.

  • Rowlf the Dog: Walter has quit the Muppets? We just did a whiole film about him joining the Muppets!

  • Constantine: I don't think you know what you want.
    Miss Piggy: Yeah I do, I just told you wh..
    Constantine: Shhh. If you stick with me, I can give you what you want.

  • Walter: There's only one guy in this world who can save us! There's only one frog who can restore order, bring justice, and set things right!
    Fozzie Bear: You are talking about Kermit, right?

  • Miss Piggy: Ich bin ein Berliner!
    Dr. Teeth: More like 'I'm Frankfurter'!

  • Animal: Sequel! Sequel!

  • Nadya: Put the frog down!

  • Constantine: It's not easy being mean...

  • Nadya: Turn the lights back on, I can't see anything!

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