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Murder by Death Quotes

  • Miss Jessica Marbles: Hello, where is everyone?
    Insp. Sidney Wang: Room filled with empty people

  • Sam Diamond: Stop that. Stop that, I said.
    Dick Charleston: What is it, Diamond?
    Sam Diamond: The nurse is giving my palm the finger, the dirty old broad.

  • Dora Charleston: That's probably the cook...come in!
    Dick Charleston: Darling, the poor woman is stone deaf.
    Dora Charleston: I'm sorry, I forgot...COME IN!!!
    Dora Charleston: I'm sorry, I forgot...COME IN!

  • Sam Diamond: You're good, Charleston. You're not my kind of cop, but you're smart and you smell good.

  • Milo Perrier: I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.
    Sidney Wang: I like it, but don't understand it.

  • Sam Diamond: I owe Miss Skeffington here two years and three months back pay.
    Tess Skeffington: I don't care about the money, Sam.
    Sam Diamond: Neither do I.

  • Tess Skeffington: Please excuse Sam. He was shot in the head last week; he shouldn't even be out of the hospital.

  • Tess Skeffington: First kiss me, Sam.
    Sam Diamond: I don't kiss.
    Tess Skeffington: Just this once.
    Sam Diamond: I don't like kissing. Now leave me alone.

  • Sam Diamond: The last time I trusted a dame was in Paris in 1940. She said she was going out to get a bottle of wine. Two hours later, the Germans marched into France.

  • Milo Perrier: My chauffeur was injured by a falling gargoyle while standing outside in Chinese footprints.

  • Dick Charleston: A blind butler?
    Dora Charleston: Don't let him park the car, Dickie.

  • Jamessir Bensonmum the Butler: I'm afraid he's a very angry cat, sir. Mr. Twain had him fixed, and he didn't want to be.

  • Sidney Wang: Did you see that?
    Willie Wang: No.
    Sidney Wang: Neither did I.

  • Milo Perrier: You should not speak with an accent when you know I'm so hungry.

  • Dora Charleston: Where's my Dickie? ...Sorry. Where's my husband?

  • Sam Diamond: That can only mean one thing...and I don't know what it is.

  • Tess Skeffington: ...He was my uncle. He was very good to me; he used to take me to the circus and give me candy. We stopped going when I was...about twenty-six
    Tess Skeffington: He was my uncle. He was very good to me, he used to take me to the circus and give me candy. We stopped going when I was...about twenty-six.
    Sam Diamond: Twenty-six? What the hell kind of circus was it?

  • Tess Skeffington: Twain picked up Sam in a gay bar.
    Sam Diamond: I was working on a case! Working.
    Tess Skeffington: Every night for six months?

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