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An evil businessman named Z (Bill Peterson) turns his army of robots against the Manhattan populace, and kidnaps their well-intentioned inventor, a scientist (Mark Umile). The scientist's sister (Mary Fahey) seeks help from martial-arts expert Matt Riker (Rick Gianasi).
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Rick Gianasi
as Matt Riker
Mary-Anne Fahey
as Darla Haynes
Ron Reynaldi
as Johhny Felix
Taunie Vrenon
as Elaine Eliot
Mark Umile
as Dr. Paul Haynes
Stormy Spill
as Domina
Doug Devos
as Hydro
Warren Ulaner
as Alpha Cyborg
Mark Legan
as Beta Cyborg
Asie Kid
as Duc Toy
LeeAnne Baker
as Pleasure Droid
Nancy Arons
as Window Lady
Adriane Lee
as Amber Dawn
Edward Mallia
as Boy Friend
Little Eliza
as Tawney lynn
Owen Flynn
as Cyborg Fighter
Joel Van Orsteiner
as Cyborg Fighter
Lemy Tobi
as Cyborg Fighter
Christina Sisinni
as Latin Lover
Manuel Siverio
as Latin Lover
Manuel Silverio
as Latin Lover
Chris McNamee
as Gang Fighter
Michael Spike Iozzino
as Gang Fighter
Christina Sisinini
as Latin Lover
as Gang Fighter
Pedro Rosa
as Worker Cyborg
Joel Buzz Von Ornsteiner
as Cyborg Fighter
Leon Woods
as Worker Cyborg
Héctor Morales
as Worker Cyborg
Michael Cummings
as Worker Cyborg
Manuel Cordero
as Worker Cyborg
Max Mollison
as Worker Cyborg
Ron Hill
as Worker Cyborg
Elijah Goodman
as Worker Cyborg
Ralph Crawford
as Worker Cyborg
William Higgs
as Worker Cyborg
Henry Oliver
as Worker Cyborg
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Rivals "Laserblast" in pure putrid genre entertainment.

Full Review… | August 16, 2013
Cinema Crazed

Audience Reviews for Mutant Hunt

What happens when a director sends out-of-work porn actors into the future?!? FIND OUT NOW! WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Jonny H
Jonny H

In the 1980's when the home video market exploded, anyone with a video camera could call themselves a filmmaker and have an outlet for their low budget garbage. When he wasn't turning out gay porn (which he did under a different name), writer/director Tim Kincaid was one of the worst offenders of the time, and "Mutant Hunt" was one of his worst efforts. You can tell right away it's an '80's reject because of the omnipotent synthesizer score and the striking resemblance it bears to "The Terminator". The cyborgs here, however, can mostly be killed with whatever you have lying around the house like wooden chairs, and the criminal warlord Z who has masterminded them apparently couldn't figure out how to arm them with guns. There are an awful lot of clunky, horribly choreographed fights here in which the sunglass-clad robots are taken out with bare hands. Believe me, it's not as fun as it sounds. There's no joy to be had watching this poorly acted, moronic movie. The film is allegedly set in the future but, of course, doesn't have the money to pull off those lofty goals. Most of the "high tech" gadgets the characters use look more outdated than the technology that was actually available in 1987. There is some great artwork on the VHS box, but that's where all the imagination ceased in making this turkey. There's a decent-looking cyborg missing a bunch of his "skin", and one kind of cool explosion, but nothing else about "Mutant Hunt" will stick with you. This is shoddy filmmaking as its worse.

Timothy Sanders
Timothy Sanders

69% "You forgot about one thing you cold hearted son of a bitch...Matt Riker!"-Paul Haynes (Marc Umile) B-movie goodness = crap to most movie goers. Good fx from the eighties.

FilmGrinder Stone
FilmGrinder Stone

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