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March 20, 2018
I bet Andrew Bujalski is sick of reading that he's the voice of his generation, when most of that neo-slacker demographic has never had the opportunity to see his films.
May 4, 2007
The focus is narrow, but its scrutiny is absolutely unerring.
May 4, 2007
Every scene in Bujalski's films is a little awkward, and just right.
May 4, 2007
Bujalski perfectly skewers what you might call the "sort-of" generation: educated, mid-20s white Americans hemmed in by their own non-committal uncertainty.
Top Critic
May 4, 2007
The painful honesty and geeky cool draws you in, but the film's sweet-natured humour seals the deal.
May 4, 2007
Indebted to the films of Jim Jarmusch and John Cassavetes, Bujalski invests this love triangle with real empathy for his bumbling, hyper-articulate characters, and a sly, edgy humour.
May 4, 2007
Bujalski is a shrewd comic observer, and astute enough a director to get the most of his engaging actors.
May 3, 2007
Despite their lackadaisical impression, the pictures are quite tightly structured: each scene covers emotional and narrative distance. Funny, forgiving, credible and deft, they offer much to appreciate.
January 18, 2007
The dark side of a Waldorf education.
December 8, 2006
To capture the mundane rhythms of everyday existence without being tedious is a tough task, which makes the difficulties [director] Bujalski has had getting his films distributed a puzzling and frustrating thing.
December 8, 2006
Already an indie fan favourite thanks to the no-budget romp Funny Ha Ha, director Andrew Bujalski here slays the sophomore slump with another scruffy but bang-on look at life in the slow lane.
December 7, 2006
The shaggy honesty is bracing and the modest stories of young adults too tentative and nervous to do more than talk around an issue have a perceptive authenticity that doesn't shake off easily.
November 24, 2006
Alan, Lawrence and Ellie, intersecting here and there with a circle of acquaintances and strangers, insinuate themselves into the viewer's heart like good friends.
November 16, 2006
Bujalski stubbornly refuses to stick to the accepted constructs of story structure or character development, content to sit back and calmly carve off a thick, juicy slice of a life that's all the more sumptuous for its texture.
November 9, 2006
The film's mood and style are pitched somewhere between '60s American indie and French New Wave and, as you watch these people, they seem painfully, amusingly on-target.
November 3, 2006
The attraction here is the naturalistic, dead-on dialogue delivered by articulate, interesting characters who live realistically lower-class lives in underfurnished apartments financed by dead-end jobs.
October 30, 2006
The movie is made of small moments; they add up in your mind to something bigger later, the way life does outside of movies.
October 20, 2006
Mutual Appreciation shows life as contingent, conditional, enigmatic, never finally realized, as, in short, everything that the Harvey Mansfields of the world abhor, and it shows why to accept this kind of life is an act of strength.
October 20, 2006
Mutual Appreciation appropriates a seemingly improvised vérité style that's ideal for a cast of characters of no tremendous ambition.
October 19, 2006
The kind of movie whose dialogue mostly hews to the rhythms of 'like, you know, whatever' but then occasionally throws in a word such as 'puissance.' And, like, it totally works.
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