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November 17, 2016
The third and final outing in the "My Favorite" - Hope trilogy finds Bob as a Burlesque comic. He's right at home on this one. Thankfully on Blu-ray...
½ October 5, 2014
Enjoyable Bob Hope has him playing a comedian who's recruited to take the place of a dead spy whom he greatly resembles. Hedy Lamarr is Hope's very likable love interest, which is the main reason I watched the film. I've compared Jennifer Anison to Hedy Lamarr, both were incredibly popular in their time and both were considered among the most beautiful women in the world, but I'll venture to say that Aniston continues to appear in middling to low quality of films like this (i.e. "Horrible Bosses" or "The Bounty Hunter") which will be destined to be forgotten 20-30 years from now. But I digress. "My Favorite Spy" isn't Hope's best vehicle, but it's probably on of the better ones.
February 21, 2014
the best of the 3 'my favorite..." pix featuring the comedy of bob hope plus hedy lamarr
June 7, 2013
It moves slow and it's not very funny.
February 11, 2011
Am watching this now. One of my favorites! Bob Hope is his usual silly and sly self, and Hedy Lamarr is GORGEOUS! Good, fun, film with a classic slapstick ending. Highly recommended!
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½ January 19, 2011
A fun comedy with Hope, it's mostly funny, but there are some lulls. Overall, it's a very enjoyable comedy, and I liked it, but it could have been better, like maybe a little less predictable.
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August 19, 2008
Bob Hope once again shows his comedic talents.
June 6, 2008
fantastic movie... very funny, towards the end quite the song & dance
June 3, 2008
Bob Hope puts on a genius performance in a double role - one as international spy Eric Augustine and one as Peanuts White, who looks so much like Augustine he is mistaken for him - and the U.S. has him pose as Augustine in order to get information. Also gracing the screen in this movie is the gorgeous Hedy Lamarr - who is Eric Augustine's on-again-off-again lover. She and Hope are great together on screen.
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