La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte) Reviews

October 14, 2011
A sweet puff of a film, My Afternoons With Margueritte is as disarming as it is absurd.
October 14, 2011
[Depardieu] is as emblematic of his country as Tom Hanks is of ours, and "My Afternoons With Margueritte" is his "Forrest Gump." Only better.
September 29, 2011
The happy ending lays it on too thick, but what the hell: In for a dime, in for a dollar.
September 23, 2011
A predictable, undernourished love story.
September 22, 2011
It's a lovely movie.
September 22, 2011
It's determined to look on the bright side. The film isn't about the actor's intelligence. It's about his emotional radiance.
September 22, 2011
The film is leisurely paced, as many French films are, and not much actually happens, but as a character study, it feels true, and ultimately moving.
September 16, 2011
By the time the film ends, you'll honestly believe you've just spent a languid afternoon in a lovely coastal village, and with excellent company.
September 16, 2011
The story is sentimental and slight, but the chemistry between Depardieu and Casadesus makes up for any faults.
September 15, 2011
This little gem is all about the nature of chance encounters and how they can change us in unexpected ways.
September 15, 2011
It rarely rises above the pedestrian.
September 15, 2011
An appealing coming-of-middle-age comedy, My Afternoons With Margueritte exhibits a pleasantly light touch even when dealing with some fairly weighty issues.
September 14, 2011
An affable reminder that the French are just as capable of making cornball cinema as any Hollywood studio.
September 13, 2011
That so many of the colossal yokel's mental states are literalized, as when the screen fills with thousands of rats while Margueritte reads Camus's The Plague aloud to her new pal, typifies the movie's antipathy to nuance.
June 15, 2011
A heaping pile of cliches doesn't prevent this touchingly simplistic tale from exuding a strong and universal emotional appeal.
April 8, 2011
A disarming film with a pair of deftly judged performances at its centre, Jean Becker's My Afternoons With Margueritte risks sentimentality, but maintains a sense of lightness that is its saving grace.
April 6, 2011
The danger is that it becomes sentimental, but there is a difference between sentiment imposed and sentiment earned. The film has only the latter.
November 11, 2010
You really will need a sweet tooth for this one. Or rather, you will need a complete set of dentures made out of Mars Bars and Creme Eggs.
November 11, 2010
A saccharine prose poem over the closing credits underlines the nausea.
November 10, 2010
There is a sweet chemistry between Depardieu and Casadesus, but their wry interactions are lost within a rambling, frothy non-story that aims squarely for the heart over the head.