My Best Friend (Mi mejor amigo) Reviews

January 6, 2019
A tender coming of age story, that upturns coming out narrative conventions to offer a rich, delicate portrayal of friendship.
January 3, 2019
These are likeable, talented young actors who have terrific presence on-screen and create superb rhythms with each other.
November 8, 2018
My Best Friend is a mature portrait focused on the relationship that these characters slowly build. [Full Review in Spanish]
November 8, 2018
My Best Friend is distinguished within its genre by the care in showing the particularities of the characters and their environment. [Full Review in Spanish]
November 8, 2018
My Best Friend captures that confusing stage with sensitivity and subtlety, and does so by portraying the proto-amorous bond between two adolescent males. [Full review in Spanish]
November 6, 2018
My Best Friend marks a before and after in films about the gay community. It's no longer about a marginalized minority, but rather expressing the universal feelings that we all feel regardless of background. [Full Review in Spanish]
September 27, 2018
The movie is a smart, aching look at the ways young people can fall in love, even when they know the object of their affection doesn't feel the same way.
September 20, 2018
A moving chronicle of a tender but fraught friendship that never strikes a false note. It is all the more powerful for eschewing feel-good concepts about the way people come into our lives and how they're capable of changing us.