My Best Friend's Wedding Reviews

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February 28, 2018
The buoyant, bittersweet "Wedding" puts new fizz in an old form.
January 5, 2018
Although [Hogan] stages most of the scenes in a straightforward way for Friend's Wedding, there are some charming, offbeat touches here. One wishes he'd mined some of the story's kinkier subtexts a bit more, but hey ... this is a commercial-minded flick.
June 20, 2017
A bittersweet, modern-love morsel, this scrumptious drama should touch moviegoers' hearts in this action gorged summer.
August 25, 2012
February 3, 2009
Hogan's follow-up to Muriel's Wedding rolls smoothly over the bumps in the plot, oiled by a witty acerbic script and strong central performances.
February 3, 2009
This amiable comedy may not be hugely sophisticated, but Hogan does manage to make his attractive leads look like complete idiots, no mean achievement in image-obsessed Hollywood.
February 3, 2009
Anchored by skilled comedienne Julia Roberts, this skewered variation on jealousy and the wrong woman doing battle in the aisles is a winning balance of the familiar and the novel.
October 13, 2007
The Roberts audiences knew and loved is back--not only has the smile returned, but also the glow, the joy of performance.
March 10, 2004
A romantic comedy that is both mawkish and subversive.
February 27, 2004
A cheeky comedy that rates at least three bouquets.
January 22, 2004
A romantic comedy significantly darker, more realistic and more intelligent than Hollywood examples of the same genre.
May 20, 2003
This delightful comedy about love, friendship and the hazards of lying comes not a moment too soon for anyone overwhelmed by the current glut of summer movie mayhem.
January 10, 2003
[The film's] virtues...make such a vivid and appealing impression that we forget, ignore, or fail even to notice those elements that are less successful.
October 15, 2002
Not only does this modern-day screwball romp manage to be romantic and comical, it also offers Julia Roberts a chance to shine again in the kind of movie that she does best.
September 10, 2002
Hey, I actually really liked this picture.
June 18, 2002
[Julia Roberts] is at her vibrant best.
June 5, 2002
There are many humorous moments throughout, though some of the more outrageous segments seem too contrivedly wacky.
April 17, 2002
My Best Friend's Wedding is a well-paced fun flick that women will enjoy and men will too if they are on a date.
April 12, 2002
Every once in a long while, along comes a refreshing change like My Best Friend's Wedding, a movie whose appeal rests largely on its knack for defying our expectations by riffing off, even undermining, a familiar genre.
February 26, 2002
A rare kind of film that will send you back to the streets feeling giddy.
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