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My Blind Brother takes a refreshingly character-driven approach to its familiar sibling rivalry while adding a somewhat unexpected twist.



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A blind sports hero introduces his girlfriend to his brother, who happens to be his girlfriend too.

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Adam Scott
as Robbie
Zoe Kazan
as Francie
Heidi Lewandowski
as Clarese Singer
Peach Martine
as Teen Girl
Yassie Hawkes
as Propel Water Girl
Ryan Kearney
as Supporter
Connie Kincer
as Check Girl
Conner McVicker
as Boy With Stim
Kellen Boyle
as Funeral Guest #1
Sofia Plass
as Beach Goer
Jeffrey Grover
as Coast Guard
Lare Roberts
as Race Enthusiast
Richard Doone
as Police Officer
Lance Brock
as Police Officer
Jason Beaubien
as Maitre d'
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  • Apr 18, 2017
    I don't think I've ever known anyone, at least personally speaking, anyone who has any sort of disability, whether physical or mental. But I imagine when handicapped people achieve something that might not seem, to the rest of us, possible for them, it can be very inspiring and it can lift the hopes of an entire group of people. And I genuinely couldn't be happier about that. I don't think there's many movies that focus on that aspect of humanity and it's a real shame. There's even fewer movies that, when using a handicapped character, completely go out of their way to make this character come across like a complete and detestable asshole. So there's one thing about this movie that's certainly unique in its fairly regular set-up of two brothers fighting for the same woman. I liked the approach to the relationship between Robbie (the blind brother in question) and Rose, who slept with Bill (Robbie's brother) prior to getting into the relationship. Rose, obviously, was not aware that Bill and Robbie were brothers, but she's clearly in a relationship with Robbie because she feels sorry for him. She has some issues with the fact that the last boyfriend she broke up with died almost instantly afterwards, being run over by a bus. She decides not to pursue a relationship, at least for the time being, as she dedicates herself to trying to do good for other people. Which is how she becomes involved with Robbie's group, he swims and runs for charity and stuff like that. One of the things that genuinely surprised me most about the movie is how character-driven everything is. While Robbie, Rose and Bill aren't exactly the most complex of characters, they are given very distinct personalities and motivations for why they are the way they are. Robbie, being blinded as a result of diving into the shallow part of the ocean after being challenged by Bill, overcompensates for his lack of sight by completely dedicating himself to athletics and using that to raise money for the causes he believes in. He's a bit of a dick to Bill, considering that Bill's challenge led to him losing his eyesight, but I genuinely do believe he loves his brother. His attitude comes across more as someone who's a little bitter and lashes out at others despite not generally meaning to. Bill, feeling guilt over causing Rob's blindness, feels that he has to do everything for him, contribute to his athletic pursuits and tolerate Rob's abuse. Bill is also ignored by his own parents, who seem to have dedicated themselves to Rob and his pursuits, seeming to forget that they actually have another son who needs them just as much. I wish the film would have explored that, but then this might have been a little longer and those parts may have dragged, who knows. I've already mentioned Rose and her motivations for pursuing a relationship with Robbie, even though she's not physically attracted to him in any way. This isn't exactly the funniest movie under the sun, though I don't think it was ever meant to be. It's certainly a more believably told story about people that could actually exist in real life. I'm not saying they're super realistic, of course, but you can buy into them. More than the writing of the film, which is good indeed, the acting is really fucking strong. Jenny Slate, who I know mostly from her voiceover work in Bob's Burgers (a series I fucking love), is probably the highlight of the entire film. Nick Kroll and Adam Scott, specially the latter, have proven track records. Then again Slate has been on a lot of people's radars ever since Obvious Child, which I've never seen. Realistically speaking, this is my first exposure to her in a live-action setting and she is pretty damn great here. She can be very charming and funny, though that's obviously not all the character has to offer. As mentioned, Nick Kroll and Adam Scott are both great here, Scott always excels at being a dick and this movie gives him an outlet to be as much of a dick as he wants to be. The film's narrative pretty much ends up how you would expect, but I still found the movie to be good. I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that this is very good. It comes close to that, but it never quite gets there. The film is well-written with good characters and the acting is great. I'd still recommend this movie to those who are looking for something a little more down-to-earth when compared to mainstream rom-coms.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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