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August 27, 2015
Beware of the 14th if you value your life.

A small mining town named after Saint Valentine takes St. Valentine's Day very seriously; unfortunately, an unfortunate event occurred twenty years ago and numerous people were brutally murdered. The town tries to overcome this historical fact by throwing a huge town event that will end with a dance. Shortly after festivities begin, so do the murders.

"You know what would look good on you?"
"Suck it in and zip it up."

George Mihalka, director of Bullet to Beijing, Dr. Lucille, Sticks and Stones, Watchtower, Thunder Point, Relative Fear, Straight Line, and The Psychic, delivers My Bloody Valentine. The storyline for this picture is cliché and very straightforward. The kill scenes were classic slasher film from the 8os feel and the acting was mediocre. The cast includes Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Alf Humphreys, Cynthia Dale, Helene Udy, and Thomas Kovacs.

"I've got a Valentine for her she's never going to forget."

This was recently added to the Netflix on line queue so I added it to the wish list. This was very average, didn't add many unique elements to the slasher genre outside of the setting, and the kill scenes were not great. This is only worth seeing if you're a fan of the genre.

"It can't be happening again!"

Grade: C-
½ August 21, 2015
Still such a great slasher. Proud Canadian film too... lol. It's great to have all that uncut footage back in the movie now, even if it looks rough as hell...
½ June 17, 2015
Your average dumb slasher.
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½ April 27, 2015
I've come to the realization that one of my favorite things to do, even though I've done it twice, that I can think of, is ordering pizza and then watching a campy 80s horror movie. I remember doing it with Fright Night a year or so ago and I had a lot of fun. I don't know what it is about the combination of pizza and an 80s horror movie but it's, honestly, a perfect combination. With that out of the way, I reviewed the remake on here and I thought it was a terrible movie. Just terrible. I don't honestly remember much of the film itself, other than I hated it, so I cannot really compare the two. But, by and large, it's similar with the exception of the reveal of who the villain is. I wouldn't call this movie good, at all. Nor would I even go as far as to call it above average. But, you know what, I had a blast watching this film. I don't know what I could say that was good about this movie. Because I think its camp-heavy factor come from the fact that the movie 34 years old. Who knows. Maybe this was considered campy even back in the day, but I somehow don't buy that. Not that I think it was taken all that seriously either. But yes a lot of these 80s horror movies have a certain charm about them that makes them a lot of fun to watch regardless of whether they're actually good or not. And I think this is the perfect example of it. It's probably the type of film that would work best watching with a group of friends so you can spend a good time laughing with and at the movie. The film itself isn't actually incompetently made, far from it. It's just that everything surrounding that, the story and the acting, are honestly a little goofy. The thing that sucks, however, is that the version on Netflix is the version that was edited for theaters to avoid an X rating. To think of how far horror movies have come that the thought of this movie getting an X rating in this day and age just seems laughable as shit. There's, apparently, a 99 minute version of the film that was the original edit of the film. This version has never been released on VHS or DVD and apparently was aired only once by a cable channel. But, and this is probably true, a lot of that is probably expository. I'm sure the 99 minute version is gorier, but I doubt that there's 9 additional minutes of violence in the film. I don't think there's enough violence in the film that there's a conceivable way that the 9 minutes that were cut out were 100% gore. I'd still like to see the original cut of the film however. I can't really say much else, honestly. This isn't a good movie and it's probably tame by modern horror standards, but it's so campy that I honestly had a lot of fun watching this. It's just an easy film to watch and it'd probably be even more fun if you watched this with a group of friends. Not good, but I would recommend it as a silly Netflix watch.
April 19, 2015
My Bloody Valentine is a pretty solid slasher film that manages some pretty gruesome shots if you manage to watch the uncut version.
What may seem like standard stuff and been there done that slasher stylings becomes something more when you realise this film is from 1981 which puts it near the start of the slasher craze. ie. people were copying Bloody Valentine rather than the other way around.
That being said, this is an early low budget Canadian slasher so it doesn't have all the flare and spice of modern films but then again... aren't most the really good slashers early low budget and sometimes even Canadian? ;)
½ April 10, 2015
There is no better campy,schlocky B film horror goodness than this flick.
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½ April 7, 2015
During the late seventies and eighties there was a clear trend of slasher genre horror films based around holidays ("April Fool's Day," "Halloween," "Friday the 13th" etc.) While following in this vein, there's something original and dark about this film in contrast. Most of the film is set in the mines of central Canada, where a set of old murders haunts a quiet little town. A lot of the action revolves around a love triangle, the legends of the past, and being young and witless, with nothing to do. The last section of the film is entirely set in the bowels of a blackened mine, where the tunnels and overhead shafts provide plenty of hiding spots for a maddened serial killer. While this film takes great strides to not be the same as others of its caliber, it's still not very memorable. The killer is lame, the twist comes out of nowhere, the characters are idiotic and cowardly, the main female character is irritatingly frightened, and constantly needs saving, and the ending is ridiculous. Though I haven't seen the remake, I recommend it over this film, which is working with basically nothing but visuals, which I can only hope got better by 2009.
½ February 26, 2015
Very eerie with some nasty kills but also bad acting and a completely unrealistic plot. This one is unusual in that the remake was actually better!
½ February 16, 2015
Edgier than most older slasher films but great to see a motive of insanity and a different choice of weapon
½ January 13, 2015
Looks great, filmed very well for a run of the mill horror flick. But that's all it is. As for the reveal, the movie really falls flat.
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January 1, 2015
A quite old horror / thriller movie from the 80s and there are many classics from that period. It was the first time i saw this movie now and i would probably have enjoyed it more back in the old days but still decent even today probably. There is a remake out now aswell and remakes usually falls behind the originals. Anyway a good slasher movie much similar to "friday the 13th" and other flicks like that.
December 28, 2014
The acting is awful. The characters couldn't be more annoying. I can't deal with this phony mess. The 'comic relief' character is in the running for most irritating ever.
December 27, 2014
Awful attempt, even for eighties horror.
November 2, 2014
All centered around a old folk tale of a deranged serial killer killing those who celebrate Valentine' day, My bloody Valentine as a brutal but great classic slasher. I have seen the cut version and still contains graphic violence. On a budget of 2,3 millions dollars it grossed over 5,5 millions. A intense, disturbing, great piece of macabre cinema.
½ October 18, 2014
A great movie to watch around halloween, it is sick, twisted, and very entertaining!
½ October 2, 2014
This is old-fashioned slasher stuff. It's fairly routine, but it's also gruesome, sometimes clever, and sure to shock.
September 25, 2014
It's best watching the original "My Bloody Valentine" in its entire uncut glory. A bit creepy, even claustrophobic, at times, "My Bloody Valentine" benefits from creative kills, a memorable and original villain and a likeable cast. It tends to drag at times, so in that respect, the remake is better. Otherwise, this one's cheesy 80's fun.
September 10, 2014
Great movie I don't no why but some people don't like this film deal with it it's part of the 1980's slasher cycle...
August 22, 2014
Not wanting to be stereotypically me and go for Christmas and Halloween horror, which I tend to migrate toward, I have decided to review "My Bloody Valentine" 1981. One of those classic slasher flicks that I have seen many a time. The story follows the folklore around a mining accident in Valentine Bluffs. It happens on one of the holiday's that quite frankly since becoming an adult I do not seem to get into. (Neither does my BF so I am good on all counts with that!). "My Bloody Valentine" was directed by George Mihalka. Actually until the remake came out I thought most people just threw this film to the side or just forgot about it. It is a true classic horror story with the principle set ups, story line, and back story. A man left behind in an mine collapse goes insane, kills out of revenge, he becomes legend, and the legend comes to life. There are some truly gory moments in this 80's flick. From one victim crammed in a dryer and another being speared on a shower spout this film really makes an effort to get as gory as it's "Friday the 13th counterparts. This film began a long line of horror flicks around holidays most of which were cut and dry. Kids do something or go some where they are told not to, have a good time then get slaughtered. For me "My Bloody Valentine" got most of the stuff you want in a horror movie right. The story was classic and dark from the legend of Harry Warden to the defiant Valentine party at the mine. The acting is par for the coarse in early 80's horror films. The sound effects are minimal but eerie with only one real song worth mentioning "The Ballad Of Harry Warden".

There is a lot of build up in this film with suspense and point-of-view angles as the killer spies on the town and sneaks up on the victims. There is plenty of blood and gore in the film that at times seems as graphic as you can get. Other times it seems cheap and plasticated. However there is nothing about any of the special effects in this film that did not work. Even the large human heart in the candy box looked gory enough to have an impact. This film has some things that make it annoying. It is a digitally remastered film but it seems to come from a bad master because the sound effects and over all quality is stressed and at times screechy. Much like the original "Friday The 13th" is. IT was a period in horror when high pitched tones (much like nails on a chalkboard) were standard in horror films. It isn't a film with a great soundtrack like Amityville Horror or Nightmare On Elm Street but then again this was before Horror was so embraced. It was just getting it's first big wind when these films came out. That aside "My Bloody Valentine" remains one of my favorite simply because the death scenes are gory and good, I like a cheesy story with minimal acting and it is from my favorite decade of horror films. Not my favorite holiday but this is one of my all time favorite films.
July 30, 2014
Lots of blood but boring besides the scenes of gore
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