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January 19, 2013
i Recommended for anyone,dont judge,watch and learn through your eyes..
September 28, 2012
Does his mother die of Aids that's what it looks like but no one ever says it?The movie was very poorly written and missing a lot of dialogue
February 27, 2012
This movie is SO SO SO SO SO SO SAD!
March 31, 2011
THis is the best movie i have ever seen. I cried so much!!!!!
½ November 8, 2010
My Brother has a touching story, but it wasn't always interesting throughout the movie, and often I found myself bored. Also, the potential girlfriend didn't really add anything to the film. Although I enjoyed the movie, the long drawn out drama got to be a bit much.
April 21, 2010
very emotional...i watched it and almost dropped tears... it so strange i had just lost my younger brother......nice piece.
April 23, 2009
I haven't seen this movie but the story but sounds like the 2004 Korean movie Uri hyeong (My Brother).
November 1, 2008
It sort of just ends, and doesnt fit together.
July 29, 2008
Pretty good movie. Vanessa Wiliams actually does a good job. She is seen only through the flashbacks.
July 3, 2008
This was a very touching story with great actors...a story of two brothers with a stong bond that could not be broken through trials and seperation...but was broken by one brother's selfishness...and he suffers from it...even though the ending made you feel kinds empty and wondering...I think it was proper for the story...
½ May 4, 2008
5.5/10. It means well but winds up too preachy and tackles too many issues for it's own good. Vanessa Williams gives an earnest and sincere performance, the rest of the cast does well too.
January 17, 2008
When I watched this movieā?¦I cried so much I needed to walk out the room to get myself together.. The boy Retarded boy was brilliant!!
January 14, 2008
Good movie about the bond between brothers. ALMOST brought tears to my eyes.....
January 8, 2008
The movie was okay. James was a good actor considering his disability(even though it souded like he was reading his lines). Could have been a better ending.
December 21, 2007
It was an emotional movie but the ending it was sort of strange. It didn't made me cry as other drama movies but it touched me. It could be a little more details of their story.
½ December 19, 2007
Writer-director Anthony Lover takes such a kid-gloves approach to his handicapped co-star that he achieves the opposite of the intended effect: Every time Scott enters a scene, it's as if someone just told the entire cast "Whatever you do, don't say 'retard.' "
December 17, 2007
The story line wasn't well but the messages of sticking together was manifest.
½ December 16, 2007
I thought this move could have been so much better. There was a hint of a plot, but it is hard to follow. I had high expectations for this film, and it failed.
December 12, 2007
a really good movie! :D
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