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May 10, 2010
Long, slow and didn't get through it. My Family and Other Animals is about a boy and his interest in insects primarily.

But there is enough family fighting and dysfunctionality to make the comparison to animals. The title My Family AND Other Animals may be making a comparison here.

The boxed set recommends the film for ages 5-12. I suppose at age 13 you would trash the movie.

Starring Hanna Gordon, Brian Blessed.

The details from RT follow:

"A tale of the childhood experiences of naturalist Gerald Durrell from 1935 when his family moved from England to the Greek island of Corfu. Excited by the exotic insect life, Gerry embarks on an adventure into the marvelous, mysterious world of insects, animals and other intriguing creatures who live in this island paradise." --- RT

A youngster discovers the world in exotic wildlife adventures. A mildly entertaining if slow adventure into a child's life. The family is self absorbed usually.

A borderline rotten for me, but it must be quality because it's BBC Video. Well done, well acted, nice scenery.

Recorded in HI-FI, not rated. Two VHS boxed set. 239 minutes and in color. No stereo, No dts, no dolby surround, not rated. Released through Playhouse Video, a division of CBS/Fox Video 1990.

My rating: B (boring)
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