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½ April 24, 2018
Only a cynical critic would say that this movie is contrived--I loved it, and so would anyone with an ounce of humanity! The relationship between these two lonely souls so diametrically different was funny and wonderful to watch! It touched me deeply as a celebration of love and acceptance. So totally rewarding to watch! Do yourself a favor and see it!
June 14, 2015
Grade A for me. If you are a professional critic, or are otherwise constitutionally opposed to sentimentality, then fuhgeddaboudit. But if you are like me, this is the good stuff.
April 22, 2015
"17 year old girl befriends 49 year old man." That synopsis probably has you going "Uh oh, 'Lolita' Alert," but thankfully, the movie doesn't go there. It is offbeat, refreshing, funny, sad, and altogether wonderful. Sure, it gets a little sappy in the end, but it's a GOOD kind of sappy, the kind that makes you feel better about yourself and makes you want to call your parents. In other words, this is about real emotions, not Hallmark sentimentality. Teens and middle aged men who feel alone in the world should both seek out this movie, because it's a delightful little treasure.
March 14, 2015
Weird....... But enjoyable
April 17, 2013
The performances outdo the treacly script and the uneven pace.
December 2, 2012
I had been wanting to see this movie ever since it came out on dvd. What was I thinking? There is NOTHING to like about these characters. and sadly, they are written to be liked. First of all, what normal teenage girl would fall for a guy like Albert Brooks at first sight? Do girls have the hots for men's clothing clerks or what? I think I missed that memo but yeah. and let's not start with the lame stereo types for LeeLee's "gothic" character. The only character/actor I liked was in it for about 5 minutes. The dialouge was pretty bad too. I didn't laugh once in the movie, I didn't cry, I didn't get excited. I don't even know why I wasted my time. Neither should you. Skip it.
Super Reviewer
½ October 22, 2012
Simply stated, this was a wonderful discovery. The movie boasts a cast who played off of each other effortlessly, and believably. It was poignant, and timeless. I loved this movie,
August 26, 2012
Between 2.5 and 3. This movie (which improves as it advances) describes the curious, strange friendship between a gothic adolescent which has not things very clear in her mind, and a mature salesman who does not seem to communicate much with anybody. Original in its characters, which do not act always at it is expected from them.
July 27, 2012
if anyone can share this from their flickster i'd appreciate it:)
June 15, 2012
After forcing myself to get through 20 minutes of it, I really began to like it as it really explores the characters, I was worried that it was going to become unsavoury and was relieved that it remained innocent. More attention could have been given to character clothing as I highly doubt an 'alternative' teenage girl would be wearing beigey sensible trousers during her spare time.
½ June 9, 2012
it started off as off-beat/quirky and then fell veered into the world of was a good film to watch when there was nothing else on TV.
June 4, 2012
no info = no interest
½ February 19, 2012
An unconventional love story, that is both very funny and heartwarming. It's all about the value of family and friendship. I did not expect the climax to drop on me like it did. Reminded me of Ghost World and Harold and Maude.
½ December 10, 2011
When I rented this movie I wasn't sure what I would get. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise. A very touching story, nicely acted. Quite moving. Keep some hankies nearby, my guess is you will need them. Highly recommended.
½ October 19, 2011
A story about a grown-up man practicing patience on a half-crazy young girl thus winning her respect and helping her become less asocial, get through with adolescent rebellion and enter a grown-up life.
½ August 28, 2011
Basically a less funny, more maudlin "Ghost World," if Enid didn't even have one friend. But Albert Brooks was great, of course.
July 7, 2011
All but insufferable until Albert Brooks's character comes into the picture, and then it becomes...I don't know, pleasant? It's a movie with a lot of problems, but Albert Brooks is terrific in it, as he is in everything.
June 23, 2011
It has a cheesy plot but the character and relationship developments, though awkward and slightly sketchy at times, is fantastic
May 6, 2011
I was bored and started watching this movie and couldn't stop! I sat for 2 hours straight, and enjoyed every minute, even though I was crying by the end. Leelee was great!
February 27, 2011
Leelee Sobieski is just simply awesome in this movie. She plays a great goth chick. Totally see this movie.
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