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½ February 17, 2012
Low budget comedy has some cute moments but overall is forgettable. The wonderful Valerie Perrine is wasted as the bride's mother everybody else is vapid and the music is terrible. Not painful to watch but you'll forget it two seconds after its over.
½ June 26, 2009
This was a funny movie HOWEVER, it was lacking that special direction to have the comedy fulfill its desired effect. After 20 mins or so the monotonous comedic routines started to wear a bit thin.
Still it was fun to watch, the story line was not too bad - if you've seen Death at a Funeral well its a similar formula but about 50% as effective...
October 6, 2008
Even though it's a cute movie, this is a very poorly written/directed farce. The actors have poor comedic timing, so the slapstick/fumbling around looks like a desperate attempt to pull out the laughter. Didn't work for me. Deborah Gibson may not be the best actress in the world, but it's always a pleasure to see her.
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